|| About BuffyFish||

At BuffyFish, we organize customized trips for the following categories worldwide:

  1. Adventure
  2. Leisure and Luxury

For the adventurous and the young at heart, we cater to fun loving individuals over 25 who are slightly adventurous and fit.
We offer well planned high-altitude trekking trips, climbing holidays, sailing trips, sea kayaking trips, rafting trips, diving trips, walking holidays, motorcycle and bicycle trips in India and worldwide.
You can also go on nature wildlife safaris to witness the migration across the Serengeti, to spend time with the gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda or to see the exotic creatures of the Galapagos Islands.
These could be customized or fixed departure trips for individuals, families, and groups.

For the luxury and leisure trips to destinations worldwide, we offer exceptional experiences to individuals, groups and families. The end to end services that are customized for the itineraries, are well thought out, creatively and carefully. We can wow you with our out-of-this-world itineraries which are very flexible, well planned and well organized.

You can interact with the locals, visit rarely visited communities, share a family meal with a local and work with NGOs and local communities. You can also get a truly historic, religious, culinary and cultural experience of popular and remote destinations.
These trips can be further customized to suit all your leisure and luxury needs.


3 thoughts on “|| About BuffyFish||”

  1. I have been reading about your idea and trip. Its an awesome idea undoubtedly. Travelling in itself is such an happy feeling. Sharing the experiences just makes it worth.

    It would be a pleasure if I can be of any help in making your idea more stronger via the help of technology. Such ideas needs to be taken at length. All the best


  2. glad to know your Buffyfish team through an article in Eenadu, the Telugu daily.
    What dates you are crossing Hyderabad [tentative]?
    How about spreading the message to save environment during your travel?
    For any further queries you may direct them to us:
    twitter handle: @Babulfilms
    email: babulfilms@yahoo.com
    For those interested in Biodiversity, we have a couple of interesting pages in facebook to facilitate easy interaction. These pages are linked to databases that are built by people around the world.
    wishing you all the best
    Gangadhar Panday
    Babul Films Society NGO – Social Media for Eco-awareness

  3. I would like to meet your team when you reach cochin….An avid traveller based out of Cochin…..Travelling all over India by road trip is one of my dream

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