The legendary Rudyard Kipling penned his iconic story, The Jungle Book in this incredible wilderness. This small yet compact national park, home to many tigers, leopards and wild dogs, is a magnificent experience in itself. We will drive along those mountain roads and across the beautiful ponds in the core of Pench national park in our quest for the elusive tiger.

On our magical journey to the tiger, we will encounter hundreds of animals, birds and trees which together make this one of the most thriving tiger countries in the world. Pench is also famed for its high population of the wild dogs and seeing these incredible animals in their wild habitat is an experience to behold! On our way to discovering the hidden delights of Pench, we might also have chance encounters with sloth bears and leopards, not to forget a myriad of different birds.

Pench will definitely manage to mesmerize you, for a lifetime.

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