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Immerse in the life of Italy, on an unforgettable journey with Buffyfish, that brings alive the past through the historic ruins. Devour memorable experience of the picturesque villages of Cinque Terre, the tranquil mornings and culture of Florence, the traditional Tuscany and of course the night tour of Rome, the most treasured treasures. The unique amalgamation of divine food and architectural marvel surrounding, Italy is the epitome of art. See for yourselves the arts of an artist of all times, Michelangelo and submerge in a world of his creation.

A geographically blessed country, history has significantly contributed in the creation of each state. Endowed by priceless treasures in form of art and architecture, every city also has it’s own culture and traditions which are laid in the backdrop of picturesque nature.

Cultural Italy

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Cultures that differ with each state, Italy offers a unique blend. Discover the culture of Tuscany and the traditions alongside the rich history of the place. A walk through the historic center of Florence shows you the humble beginnings of the city. Moving through the streets narrow that show you the medieval town, you end up at the Piazza della Signoria which is the political center since middle ages. A native of Florence, Michelangelo, is the most renowned artists of all time.

Ubiquitous Landscapes

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Italy extends beyond the ruins and the art. Nature is abundant and found on every trail of the countryside. Burrowed in the folds of a rugged coastline, encounter the five villages which are nothing less than a picturesque backdrop. Travelling through the vine covered hills; a coastal walk links you to the villages. The trail offers a view that is replete with nature. Soak in the medieval flavor of Sienna experiencing the architectural marvels. A scenic landscape, Tuscany is a treat for the viewers’ eyes.

Architectural Marvels

Colosseum - Rome (800x600)

Birthplace of Renaissance and the center of Roman Empire, it is here that you can witness the romance of Michelangelo and his creations. The city of love, of architectural wonders, of food and wine, Rome has it all! Standing witness to the events of the past against the ravages of time, the city is a wonder in itself. The cathedral and the churches, the frescoes and the embellished facades and various more such marvels make Rome a treasure trove of art. A night tour of the city gives you a glimpse of the cityscape and the magnanimity that the architecture lends to the city.

Every city of Italy offers a different culture, a different dialect, architecture and food. Each equally enticing and incomparable! The alluring nature of the country is something to fall in love with. Italy is a place for history buffs, food lovers, nature travelers and relaxation seeking tourists. A great combination for every person to indulge in completely!

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