Sumati’s Coastal Diaries Trip

The Coastal Diaries" is what it was named. Way back in Jan 2015. I was so eager to do the whole trip, when Vidula told me about it. Right from Mumbai to Kanyakumari , then to Kolkata. But my work allowed me only 10 days, and I chose to do the East coast. No amount of words can sum up the experience. It was truly exhilarating. At one point, I almost thought the trip would be cancelled mid way, as some girls had to cut short their trips. But Vidula, kept her commitment to complete the journey, no matter how many of us would remain. With that faith, i got on to the train to Vijaywada, and thus began my journey, with two other partners in Crime, being Vidula herself, and Sejal, who undoubtedly was the life of the trip ๐Ÿ™‚. Think the biggest factor was that we were all crazy in our own ways that made this trip thoroughly enjoyable. It was a well thought out route. Vidula, kept all of us involved in it, right from the beginning. Was very receptive to suggestions and actually made them happen. if she saw something was not turning out the way it should, she took necessary steps to make it better. Comfort of fellow travelers was always her first priority. The places chosen were truly wonderful, Konark being by far the best that I visited. Still so in love with its beauty. Some really small towns like Chandipur, Behrampur, turned out to be unexplored territories by tourists. It was amazing experience not to be surrounded by pesky people.. ๐Ÿ˜› It wasn't a typical standard guided tour; it was unique! She gave us the flexibility of choosing our routine for the day, our space and time, where we weren't being herded around to a fixed schedule. Though i wish i had the time to read more about the places and be prepared, as to what i wanted to do. Maybe a brief on the places we can visit will help. It can be slightly overwhelming if someone isnt comfortable venturing out on their own in a new city, not knowing the language. On the other hand, that is where the adventure lies. The trip not only entailed seeing the place, but we also met some really interesting women. VIdula was kind enough to take us along for these interviews, let alone be an audience, happily let us participate. It opens up one's mind and also makes you realize there is so much happening around the world, which never comes to the fore. The struggles that these women went through, their achievements and bliss in continuing their work without being ever recognized for it. I can go on and on about this trip and how well it was executed, especially when such a thing was being done for the first time. Vidula was the only one who completed the whole route from Mumbai to Kolkata. It was really fun having new people join us at various locations and having the choice to bid farewell when we wanted to. I missed meeting other girls, nevertheless we did connect on social media. Sejal is a must have partner on trips. So full of life, fun and laughter... Love you girls so much. Kudos to you Vidzyyyy for Coastal Diaries success... Its been too long, when are you taking me on a second adventure? Good times with you both ๐Ÿ™‚

Sumati Madiman Review of BuffyFish Coastal Diaries, January 2015 June 20, 2016