BuffyFish is an experiential travel company based in Pune, India. We provide travel experiences to destinations all over the world for you, your friends and your family.

Experiential Travel

You’re on holiday. You’re not on a fixed timetable with bucket lists to tick off.

So set aside your alarm clocks, allow your body clock to dictate what it wants and rejuvenate your mind and body. So it’s not just about a selfie on the beach or pic on the mountains.

Enjoy, breathe, live the moment. Immerse yourself in the local culture, history, art and architecture. You live the life of a king and queen, but with the heart of a local.

There is time for everything and much more. Experiential trips will surely help you rejuvenate yourself in one and many ways.

The BuffyFish Advantage

We often travel to relax, but realise subconsciously how much stress it can bring.

Dynamic flight and hotel fares that only keep rising means you compromise at the first step itself. If the country you’re planning to visit doesn’t offer those three magic words “visa on arrival” then you’re stressing over personal documents, bank statements, affidavits, boring online forms, and trips to the courier office to send them through. If you do manage to pass these tests, you’re looking at sim cards, local travel, cabs, places of interest – endlessly exhausting, and by the time you finally arrive, you’re drained!

Here is where Buffyfish Holidays step in to remove your travel stress.

You come to us with dates, your places of interest that you can choose from our long list of customised luxurious travel holidays, and allow us to plan experiential vacations for you, your family and your friends.

You walk in with your trip idea and walk out with end-to-end itineraries, right from a car at your doorstep for pick-up to the drop back home and everything in between – from flights to hotels, visas to tour logistics, itineraries to food. All this without you worrying about time, which belongs only to you and your loved ones with you on the trip.

We at BuffyFish Holidays, have domestic and international holiday packages for you, your loved ones, your family and your friends. It is a one stop shop solution for your experiential holidays.

Kinship Week

We don’t talk, we ‘like’. We don’t call, we ‘follow’. We don’t meet, we ‘Facetime’.

Technology has reduced human interaction to a large extent, leading us to a false sense of “being in touch” when we’re only merely aware of what our loved ones are up to.

Kinship Week, our unique concept aims at shedding the shackles around virtual communication to allow friends and family to get together.

We’re aware that when you’re in a large group, there are so many variables when you decide to choose a holiday destination. Which is why we want you to not worry about it, and allow us to tailor it for you.

If by taking five off days, you’re getting two weekends to make it a nine-day trip, why would anyone complain? This is what we call the Kinship Week. We have tailor-made kinship week-curated travel that keeps in mind your leaves, your budget and pack in a wholesome experience of relaxing vacations.

Get in touch with us to plan out your kinship week and see our exciting vacation packages.

From the Founder

Photo of the founder vidula andromeda

Vidula, BuffyFish Founder

Having extensively traveled across 34 countries, I realized most travel operators or tour groups only focus on commerce over comfort and commissions over quality. You’d visit crowded places with commercial interests over an untouched beach or an unexplored fort, try food at expensive gourmet restaurants over the local eateries that the best travel portals may not tell you about. This is what led to some serious brainstorming, conceptualizing a vision and finally the model Buffyfish believes in – Experiential Travel.

In 2015, I was part of a journey across India’s coastline from Mumbai to Kolkata with eight other women travelers. The event titled – Buffyfish Coastal Diaries – was a month-long road trip, traversing India’s pristine, sometimes rocky coastline, with the aim of meeting different women personalities from different walks of life to promote women empowerment. The aim was to spread the message of experiential travel to women, not very common in India, because of the perception that women can’t travel alone. We intended to change that and the initiative was backed by automobile giant Mahindra & Mahindra.

In Goa, we met fisherwomen, in Kerala, we met women taxi drivers, and those who handle crocodile banks were generous with their time in Tamil Nadu. A number of women joined us along the route, and it was as much an exercise in rediscovering our own inner selves as much as it was about the travel. This is when the idea of developing Buffyfish further took concrete shape.