BuffyFish Advantage

We often travel to relax, but realise subconsciously how much stress it can bring. Dynamic flight and hotel fares that only keep rising means you compromise at the first step itself. If the country you’re planning to visit doesn’t offer those three magic words ‘visa on arrival’ then you’re stressing over personal documents, bank statements, affidavits, boring online forms, trip to the courier office to send them through. If you do manage to pass these tests, you’re looking at sim cards, local travel, cabs, places of interest – endlessly exhausting, and by the time you finally arrive, you’re drained!

Here is where Buffyfish Holidays step into remove your travel stress. You come to us with dates, your places of interest that you can choose from our long list of customized luxurious travel holidays and allow us to do the rest. You walk in with your trip idea and walk out with end-to-end itineraries, right from a car at your doorstep for pick-up to the drop back home and everything in between – from flights to hotels, visas to tour logistics, itineraries to food. All this without you worrying about time, which belongs only to you and your loved ones with you on the trip.

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