Closed on Mondays

I met Maithili, a friend of a friend’s, and she came along with me to explore Vishrambaug wada.

Unfortunately Vishrambaug wada was closed, owe it to the practice of businesses being closed on Mondays in the city.

We decided and hence ended up going to Lal-mahal and Nanawada near Shaniwar wada.

Nanawada looked like a dilapidated structure and we were not allowed to enter inside.

On the other hand, we were allowed inside Lal-mahal. There was an entry fee of Rs.2/-. I adored the exterior of Lal-Mahal; it has a red-mud-brick-orange color that the exterior walls are painted with. We then went to the first floor where there were paintings by Pratap Mulick that told the stories of “Chattrapati Shivaji Raje”. We were not allowed to take any pictures.

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