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10 reasons why you should go on a Road Trip with BuffyFish

Dil Chahta Hai and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara have made us all feel like packing our bags and taking a road trip right away! BuffyFish helps you do exactly that. Here are 10 reasons why you should go on a Road Trip with us!

1. Explore new places

When you are road-tripping with us,we make sure that you see a new place everyday. Not just the well-known places but also the hidden jewels and the places that people rarely talk about. Experience the fun of trying new routes with your buddies and co-road-trippers.

2. Be a navigator

Be a part of the most challenging and important part of road trip and experience the joy of finally getting to the destination all by yourself by finding your own way!

3. Interact with the locals

Get a chance to interact with different people from different cultures, each one has a interesting story to tell you. If you are a fast learner,you might also learn the basics of a new language in no time.

4. Experience different cultures

India is a diverse nation. It is practically impossible to get to know every culture. But,BuffyFish is giving you a chance to observe different cultures closely through the medium of road trips.

5. Be the DJ

Road trips call for good play-lists. Show off the DJ-ing skills in you and be the DJ of your car for the journey.

6. Bond with the co-road trippers

Bond with the people coming from different backgrounds. Share your stories with your co-road-trippers and let the travel-kida in you grow!

7. Travel at your own pace

Every time you see something interesting, you can just stop the car and take a look at it closely. There is no hurry! Take your own time, click as many pictures (selfies!) as you want and enjoy every second of your journey your way.

8. Hold the steering wheel everyday

You will be seeing a new place everyday..there wont be a single day when you won’t travel. So gear up for some amazing adventures everyday! Hold that steering and get a chance to drive through the country’s most thrilling and challenging roads.

9. Try different food

With the diverse culture, India has a wide variety when it comes to food. Every city has its own specialty. You will get a chance to try different types of dishes almost everyday. Indulge into different flavors and be ready to treat yourselves with a finger-licking meal.

10. Be a part of the decision making throughout the journey

Unlike a regular tour, road trips involve a lot of planning and presence of mind. You don’t know what lies ahead of you and you have to be ready to face anything and everything. Use every skill you possess and be a part of the last minute plans and decision making process.

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