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11 things to do in Goa

Most of you must have already planned your next visit to Goa. BuffyFish is going to help you make your visit worth while. Here is a check-list of things that you HAVE to do when you are in Goa !

1. Shack-hopping

Goa is a shack-heaven. Just imagine an ambiance where you are sitting beneath a thatched roof… soft tunes in the backdrop… open fresh air…! Go shack-hopping with your buddies and get lost into the world of Fish, Tandoori delicacies, Italian, Chinese and Continental

2. Partying and Live Music

Goa has a beautiful night-life. As the sun sets, the lights begin to shine bright and the music starts to play. Get that perfect outfit on and explore the clubs in Goa. Unlike the typical clubs in your city, Goa has a more happening and lively atmosphere in the clubs. Quite a lot of shacks and restaurants in Goa have live music or Karaoke. International bands often hold their concerts in Goa. You can dance to the beats of the music or just sit back and enjoy it with a cocktail in one hand and fish in the other !

3. Cycling

You’d be surprised to know, but Goa has lots of cycling clubs. If you are into cycling and want to enjoy a spectacular ride, start planning now. Ride along the Arabian Sea-coast to Netravali village in the magnificent Sahyadri Western Ghats to the Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

4. Shopping

Cheap shopping? Goa is THE place ! Apart from a variety of beach-wear you will find some really nice Boho-jewelry in the local stores. There is a great variety of hats, scarves and sunglasses at the markets near the beaches. Goa also hosts shopping festivals and night markets, so make sure you have a separate budget just for shopping!

5. Parasailing

Want to see the world in a bird’s eye view? You should definitely try the Para-sailing. Sailing above the pristine blue waters and away from the beach. Careful about dip in the ocean at the end though!

6. Walk on the beach and sunset

Trying to find the “Inner Peace”? Imagine the sand slipping off your feet and a breath-taking view of the sunset. The breeze and the sound of the waves in sync and the sparkling sea water. A walk on the beach is all you need to forget about your worries.

7. Biking

Goa is perfect for leisure biking. Explore the Bohemian culture on two wheels. Rent your favourite bike and ride on the dirt road with thousand palm trees on the sides. The common but unique sound associated with Goa’s pathways is that of an Royal Enfield Bullet. The mother of all motorbikes! Enjoy the palm-lined expressway to heaven!

8. Waterfall

Goa is not just about beautiful beaches, it has some beautiful waterfalls too. The very famous Dudhsagar waterfalls are majestic and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Goa. Arvalem Falls, Sada Falls, Netravali Falls are a few other attractive waterfalls in Goa.

9. Casino

Feeling lucky? Why not head to the casino? If it’s your lucky day, you could just pay for the whole trip. If not, beware!

10. River Kayaking

Kayak in the calm and serene backwaters and rivers. Move away from the beach for a day and explore Goa from the placid backwaters. Kayaking is a very popular activity in the Northern part of Goa. Enjoy the unforgettable views and enjoy the sunset or sunrise when the sea and wind are calm!

11. Swimming

What could be more thrilling than a swim in the ocean? A dip in the blue water is all you need to keep your body cool in the warm weather. The beaches in South Goa are perfect for a swim. Make sure you are swimming in the guarded area!

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