Adventures galore

28 days of adventure and exploring came to an end as we sat in the Duronto express that led us back to pune.

Some of the things we experienced as women were that we were more careful and cautious on the east coast than the west. Each one of us at every given point carried a pepper spray. Women were still expected to not drive. Belinda Mueller, the first Goan woman that we interviewed on the trip had told us that we were doing a wonderful job. She said “Don’t let fear restrict you. But don’t do anything silly and stupid.” I agree with her. The whole drive was about staying safe and staying safe is only when one applies common sense.  Men had to be more accepting of women. We wanted to be the seeds of change. We had done that!

The featured photo is from the first day, the beginning of the trip! This post really marks the end of an adventure but it is also the beginning of another adventure. Watch this space for more..

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