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Big tale of two small Tiger reserves in Maharashtra

Do you wish to wake up to the whistling winds tickling your hair, the smell of lush green grass mixed with wet mud, the glimpse of some herbivores gawking at you, the silence disturbed by some monkeys making noise and a flock of birds chirping in the blue sky?

A chance to stare at a different world of striped beauty i.e. the supreme royal Bengal tiger! And experience the feeling of being unaware of many hidden secrets which lie beyond our reach?

It would be an enchanting experience! If you are willing to add some thrilling wildlife memories to your travel diaries, plan a trip to the mesmerizing journey through the wild Maharashtra.

Buffyfish serves the best of them all trip, to the exquisite forest of Pench tiger reserve and Tadoba-Andhari tiger reserve.

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Before you pack your bags, scroll down to know more about the two beautiful Forests in Maharashtra.

A Dusky Temptation

Pench tiger reserve of Maharashtra, nestled in the south lower reaches of the Satpura Hill ranges and Tadoba-Andhari tiger reserve being the oldest and largest national park of India in Chandrapur, are India’s finest sanctuaries reserving 70 tigers altogether.

The dense forest of Pench (also situated in Madhya Pradesh) and its wild dwellers are believed to have inspired Rudyard Kipling to write his very popular ‘THE JUNGLE BOOK’.

And Tadoba- a southern tropical dry deciduous forest is praised by the tribal people of Maharashtra.

Historical Hold on The Land

Being a witness of many dynasties getting formed and fallen down, these forests have seen many cultural and natural changes in their habitats and in the number of flora-fauna as well.

The jungle of Pench situated in Maharashtra and in Madhya Pradesh was named after river Pench and Tadoba named after local tribal God ‘Taru’ or ‘Tadoba’ itself depicts the impact of surroundings on the forest.

Habitual Diversity

Both forests are dense with good ground cover. A breathtaking sequence of changing hues – from green and dull yellow to blue and grey can be experienced.

Wildlife and Biodiversity

As darkness begins to envelope the forest, the area echoes with the alarm calls of Chital, Sambar and Langur, punctuating the symphony of Peafowl calls and the sounds of the gusty wind!

Both forests are home to about 33 species of mammals, 164 species of birds, 10 species of amphibians and 30 species of reptiles, a wide range of insects and  many rare varieties of herbs and grasses. The wide range of trees, forming canopy adds up the dense diversity of the jungle.

Conservation Majors

Both forests are a part of ‘PROJECT TIGER’.

The main achievements of this project include excellent recovery of the habitat and consequent increase in the tiger population in the reserve areas.

Why You MUST Visit Tadoba and Pench?

It is rightly said that there is no WiFi in the forest but you can definitely find a better connection there.

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