Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of the BuffyFish coastal diaries

It is 3 days into the drive today.

We reached Agonda, Goa today.

What a ride it has been so far. Beautiful coastal roads…
Some layered for miles with trees!
Some layered for miles with bright coloured houses!
Some layered for miles with nothingness!

Day 1 – Mumbai to Dapoli.
We drove for 9 hours straight after having breakfast at Belapur. We stopped at Kashid for Lunch. Dinner was at Dapoli. It took us 9 hours because of the condition of the roads. Only 3 out of the 5 of us drove.

For long stretches the roads were cratered and for a few stretches the roads were smooth!

It is commendable and hats off to Subhadra, who is on the drive with us; She, with her level of experience and control on the wheel drove us safely to our destination, Dapoli, on Day 1 (and Day 2). She is a terrific driver.

Day 2 – Dapoli to Chiwla Beach in Maharashtra.
The roads were in a pitiable state. It took us 9 hours to cover this distance as we stuck to the coastal route. We were all tired. We then decided to stick to the National Highway and it was only because of this decision that we were able to reach at a decent hour.

Day 3 – Chiwla beach, Malvan to Agonda, Goa. We started the journey at 810 this morning. The drive was mostly on the coastal route and then we decided to take NH17 from Panaji to Margaon. From there we took the Colva road all the way to Agonda.

We are now waiting for Belinda Mueller to come for the first interview.

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  1. Sarbjit

    How delightful it is to read about your experience. The thoughts expressed upfront made me ecstatic. The days went by…. and those yet to come…. Keep the drive on and the writing going.! Good luck 😉

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