Day 4 – Agonda to Udupi

The day started at 645am. We had pancakes for breakfast at sea view in Agonda and took off. Day 4 had begun. I was driving today and Subhadra was my navigator.
We were headed for the NH7 and going towards Karnataka. The Karnataka stretch is really pretty lined with rivers, bridges, seas, coconut trees, tiny villages, the fields and nothingness which is so full of mystery. We stopped for fruits and some gajaras that we wore on our hands and necks. fWe stopped at mirjan fort for a cuppa coffee and we were served tea. There was an amma who was really keen to speak to us but didn’t know our language and we didn’t know hers. Very affectionate she served everything we asked for. We then went to the so called time pass fort called mirjan fort. It was well maintained. We spent about 40mins exploring the fort (which apparently was a 16th century fort and was built during the reign of Adil shah! We left and headed for murudeshwar which was a pilgrim site. When we reached there we saw many people from Kerala who were clad in black loincloths. We guessed they were also headed for sabari mala later.
The big shiva statue and the facade of the tallest temple i’d ever seen were the highlights of this place. We then headed for lunch at a kamat’s restaurant. Had some veggie food. There were some Americans who walked in for beer. They were politely were pointed to another restaurant out of the city. We had ice cream post lunch. Temperatures were soaring and it was quite sultry too. Thank fully on this trip we have had good loo experiences as far as Indian standards are concerned.(Not everywhere though!)
Then we headed for udupi. It was about a 100kms from murudeshwar. Subhadra was driving. Prerna was reciting some poetry. Sayali was listening. Backing this was soft instrumental music. Vanita and i recorded some of it. We stopped at marawande beach for a bit. It was a tiny shore but a long beach. We had coconut water and bought us some groundnuts. We will reach udupi in about 20mins from now. More updates later.

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