Excerpts from the Interview with Anushree Gupta

While I was on the drive, I interviewed some really wonderful women. You will have to wait for the complete interview to be put up.

But here is what Anushree Gupta, from Kolkata, had to say about one of her songs, from her first album, with the band Sukanti & Anushree. She wrote this song for all her women friends. The meaning is beautiful.

Don’t try to cling on to someone or something because you are scared of loneliness. It is about breaking free from the fear of loneliness. It is not a bad thing. Even if it is a bad thing it is ok! If there is junk in your life, shirk it away, and throw it all out, and plunge towards the darkness. It is better than questioning your self-respect every day. It is breaking free from the fear of loneliness and to see what it is like outside. Enjoy a cup of coffee by yourself without anyone coming and patting your back. It is perfectly normal to have a coffee by yourself.

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