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Let’s Go On A Road-Trip with BuffyFish and JustRide!

BuffyFish is a travel platform based in Pune, India where people come together to travel and explore different places together. Michael Palin has rightly said, that “Once the travel bug bites, there is no known antidote and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life”

This is how BuffyFish was born, with an aim to bring people from varied backgrounds together to travel and explore new places. The founder of BuffyFish, Vidula is herself a traveller and has travelled across 23 countries. She quit her safe and comfortable job in the IT industry and decided to do what she really wanted to. She came to a conclusion that a road-trip is the best if you want to explore new places. India has beautiful landscapes, happening cities, giant mountains, valleys, sea-shores, majestic rivers.and a lot more. If one wants to make the most of these beautiful sights, road-trips are a must. We hear people taking road-trips in Europe. Well, we believe that India is just Europe packed in a small back-pack. Since the idea of a road-trip in India is not very well-known, BuffyFish decided to focus on that. With a lot of research and effort, BuffyFish now specializes in planning road-Trips for their clients.

However fascinating the idea of road-trips may sound, it is not an easy business. Safety, knowledge, expertise, planning and strong management is a must. Hence, BuffyFish got in touch with JustRide.

JustRide is a Mumbai based firm launched by alums of IIT Bombay and NIT Allahabad, It is a next generation technology aggregator in the car rental industry. Through its web and mobile based service network, the company links and facilitates transactions between vendors and consumers. Unlike existing market players, JustRide is not the proprietor of the vehicles it rents. The company leases vehicles from individual vendors by providing them a minimum guarantee value. All vehicles operated by JustRide comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle safety Standards of America. JustRide is the only service provider in India which offers dual air bags and ABS in all its cars.

Safety is the prime concern when it comes to road-trips. Because of the strong safety system, BuffyFish decided to tie up with JustRide. The motive behind the tie up was to promote road-trips in India and currently the Buffy Fish team is planning to introduce some really interesting road-trips for their customers.

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