Some tips for long distance car driving expeditions

Some of my friends have come back and given the following tips

Bijoy from Mahindra had warned us about 2 things
1. Sleep and driving don’t go hand in hand
2. Closed spaces lead to people not getting along well on long car expeditions. this is what i am most worried about and I don’t want to lose friends this way

A friend warned me
3. It is about the journey and not the destination. I completely agree. One cannot keep worrying about the destination while travelling.
4. Eat light

Some more tips

5. Travel light
6. A good 8-9 hour sleep before the drive is essential before starting the next day
7. One needs to have good reflexes and have a good presence of mind while driving on Indian roads. This is of utmost importance. This is an exercise that I used to do when I was young – learn to catch balls that are randomly thrown at you from different directions.
8. Having a good experience in driving is very essential.

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