Sullurupeta to Nellore

It was going to be a short day today.93kms from Sullurupeta to Nellore. We woke up early and headed for Pulicat Bird Sanctuary. Pulicat lake is the second largest brackish water lake in the country. We saw in the distance pink Flamingoes. My day was done. My trip was done. This was one of the reasons I was on the trip, to see the exotic side of nature.

We then went to Sriharikota, where we thought we would be allowed inside to see the rocket launching pad. However, we were not allowed inside.

We along with the Mahindra Scorpio, had now completed more than 3500kms. We felt awesome after having achieved so much. This was only the beginning for BuffyFish and I knew there were many miles more to go. We slept through the afternoon and were up at 630pm. We freshened up and headed for dinner to the Food Studio. Dinner was some chettinad chicken with some rotis.

Also, Sumati, the last participant was on her way to Vijayawada. We were ready to crash now. It was going to be a long 293kms day.

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