The eve of the big day

Hello beautiful people!

It is the eve of the Big-Day. We take off tomorrow, 4th January 2015, on a wonderful journey. It is to me, a road full of uncertainties, surprises, and experiences that I am waiting to unveil.

We will take care of ourselves and promise to be as safe as possible on this road trip. For safety, we are carrying some pepper sprays bottles. Yes, the good news is that they are now available in India. I found mine in a medical store. The only thing is that these pepper spray bottles, cost INR 499/- and the bottle sizes are really tiny. It is something that needs to be made available at cheap rates so that everyone has access to it. We got hold of the pepper sprays at a medical store in Aundh, Pune called “Ishwar medical stores” which is diagonally opposite seasons hotel (Aundh, Pune). We are carrying 2 cricket bats. We are also carrying 2 high pitched whistles. We are carrying thin ropes. We hope we never have to use these weapons at all.

We will meet different and wonderful people. We will gorge upon the delicious cuisines that we are waiting to try out.

We are really thankful to Mahindra and Mahindra (MnM) for providing us with the Scorpio 4×4. It is a wonderful car. It makes us empowered. It sounds like a mean machine. I love the way it roars and love the sound of the firing. Prerna Dangi, one of the fellow participants on the team puts it, “it sounds like a mean-nosed rhino”. MnM handed over the car to us yesterday. We have been driving around in Mumbai. It has been a fantastic experience so far. It was my first time driving around in Mumbai ever, and it has been fun so far 🙂 (driving around in mumbai is a different ball game altogether)
If you know the roads you are good! I had a friend helping me out with the directions.

We have with us a BSNL number. We are all on national roaming.

We will be doing the Mumbai interview, with Rashmi Sawant from Culture Aangan, only on our way back from the trip. So the first interview is scheduled to take place on the 6th Jan 2015, in Goa.

We are set. All our bags are packed. Each person is carrying one big bag and one small hand bag. That was one of the ground rules.

80% of the team is here. Sayali Pandkar and I arrived here in Mumbai yesterday. Prerna Dangi arrived today from Delhi. Vanita Kariappa is from Mumbai. Subhadra Devi Leela is arriving tomorrow at the airport. This is where we plan to kick off the drive from.

It will be between 9am and 10am, tomorrow morning, that we will start the drive. We will drive all the way to Dapoli. We will avoid all the ferries and as far as possible we will try and stick to the true coastal route (after avoiding the ferries of course).

We will get used to the road tomorrow and get used to the vehicle. It takes time for better judgement and we don’t want to be over confident on the first day.

I am unsure of the internet connectivity in dapoli. I may not be able to post tomorrow. But keep in eye out for the updates on the following links.

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