We drove from Fort Kochi to Thiruvananthapuram yesterday. We covered it in 8 hours. We visited Varkala beach en route and we stopped there for a couple of hours. Varkala is a spectacular beach, better than Kovalam (which where we are staying at, for the next 2 days). We caught the sunset last evening at Kovalam. The beach is extremely crowded. It is a city beach.

Shirley’s Beach Hotel is where we are put up. The rooms are nice and clean and very basic. It was just what we wanted!

Last night we went to this place called Coconut Grove for dinner. We all shared a chicken sizzler, Kerala friend macaroni, seafood fried rice and some red-sauced pasta. It was accompanied by some beer. The ambience at Coconut Grove was lovely too and it reminded me of German Bakery in Anjuna.

We woke up late today as it is a rest day for the girls. Hence, taking it easy.

Breakfast, this morning, was Appam and veg stew, omelette and toast-butter-jam. Some coffee along with it just made our day. We have decided to eat a heavy breakfast every morning. We have been eating fruits on the days when the drives are long and dinner is moderately heavy/light depending on how hungry we are. We also ensure that we are well hydrated.

It is extremely hot here. But we are chilling nevertheless! 🙂

It is time to rest awhile before we hit the road tomorrow!

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