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Travel friendly apps

We are living in an era of smart-phones and dumb people. Haha..! Well, lets leave the jokes apart because holidays are here and we know that you have already started to plan your travel weeks ahead. So, BuffyFish brings you a list of Travel Friendly Apps that you need to have on your smart-phones.

XE Currency

Travelling to a different country means getting the hang of a different currency. Conversion can be a pain, especially if you are bad at Math (like most of us are) XE Currency offers live proprietary exchange rates and it stores the last upgraded rates so it even works when the internet doesn’t.

Perfect World Clock

Travelling abroad means juggling between different time zones. Rest your jet-lagged brain and let this app take care of the timings. Most of you must have ended up calling your boss, girlfriend or mom in the middle of the night when you have been abroad. But, not any more. Perfect World Clock is the perfect tool for frequent travelers with unlimited number of widgets showing different time zones with the day and night display.


Every city has its own pattern of Public Transport and figuring it out can take you a lot of time. This is when Uber comes to your rescue. One tap to ride, reliable pick-ups, clear pricing, cashless transactions, tracking your ride and you can split your fare.


Booking a hotel room is probably the trickiest part of travelling and it involves surfing on the internet for hours together. TripAdvisor has made this task easier for us. It is like a virtual supermarket featuring hotels and their reviews, rates, contact numbers, pictures and of course great discounts!

Google Translate

Not all of us are good at communicating with sign language and neither are we Einstein (a genius) to learn a new language in a day. Instead, we are people with smart-phones. So its time to make the most of that smartness. Language barrier can be a major issue while travelling. Google translate is like the fairy god mother of languages. It is a free online language translation service that instantly translates text and web-pages. You can also have someone speak into your microphone for an immediate translation. It also lets you aim your smartphone’s camera at a sign in a foreign language and it’ll instantly translate it for you.


Sending postcards to your loved ones when you are away from them is a tradition. Even though technology has taken over the world, the joy of sending and receiving post cards cannot be replaced with anything else. TouchNote is a post-card sending service. It lets you create and send a post-card from your mobile phone using your own pictures. Once you have selected your image and added a message,it is printed and posted for you. Let your loved ones know that you miss them!


Booking an air-ticket is an expensive affair. Skyscanner searches millions of routes on hundreds of airlines and travel agents to find you the cheapest air tickets with a click of a button. Once you find your flight, it directly links you to the airline or travel agent with no hidden charges or added fees.


If living in a hotel room is too mainstream for you, download Airbnb and find hosts with extra rooms and home-stays. Well, if that also too is mainstream, it lets you browse through unique accommodations like castles and igloos. Say whaaat? With a 24/7 customer support, you can definitely book your stay without being very skeptical about it.


Gogobot is a city and travel guide made for you by people like you. It is not easy to explore a different city if you don’t have help. Gogobot helps you discover the best events, restaurants, attractions and hotels, near you or far away.

Money View

It is difficult to keep track of expenses while travelling since you have so much to see in a limited period of time. With the Money View App you get a real-time visibility into your entire personal finance. It also works automatically, without any manual data entries. The daily expense manager organizes the financial summary by analyzing the SMS sent by your banker and billers to your phone. You can set your budget and track your expenses and it categorizes your expenditure to show where your money is being spent.


Being organized while travelling is a pain. Making an itinerary is even worse. But we have Tripit to do that for us. It saves all your trip details in one convenient place. All you have to do is forward the reservation emails to your Tripit account, and it automatically adds them to your itinerary. It prepares your own customized itinerary.


You never know when you might need medical help while travelling. mPassport is an app that directs you to English-speaking doctors and hospitals, as well as local names for prescription medications. Better safe than sorry… right?

Weather Channel

Never plan your plan your trip without checking the weather. Weather channel offers best local forecasts,weather and breaking news. Refer to this app atleast once before you make plans.

Google Maps

No one can survive without Google Maps,whether you are travelling within your city or in a different country, you need this app unless you want to get lost. It offers some great features like traffic scenes, hotels, gas-stations, restaurants, tolls, directions from one place to another and other important places.


Free calling and free messaging. Enough said!

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