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What to carry on your road trip to North Karnataka

Karnataka has always been one of the prominent tourism hubs of India due to its historical importance, culinary dominance over the country and many beautiful cities being significant than others…

Here’s a list of prerequisite things that one must carry while travelling on the roads of North Karnataka.

1. Car essentials

While hitting the roads of this amazing state, don’t forget to crosscheck  your car documents. Carry puncture repair kit with you.

Don’t forget to carry Jumper cable, radiator, coolant, duplicate keys, engine oil, fog lights (unless its winter) and inner tube for the car… you may never know what kind of situation will occur when!

Well, that is the thrilling part of this trip!

Even though, always be vigilant enough to feed your car enough petrol and pay attention to its needs!

2. Enough cash and Identity proof

When you are going on a road trip you must carry extra amount of cash for your own security. Also , divide the money and hide the bundles in different pockets of your bags and clothes. This will prevent any further threat  from loots, as anything can happen India…

Thus,  you won’t have to go to ATM and you will save couple of your quality minutes!

Carry your original Identity proof. Carry Adhar card, passport and pan card’s Xerox with you. Carry one or two passport sized photos of you.

Get all the required numbers of nearby police stations, hospitals and hotels of North Karnataka.

3. Itinerary and maps/travel guides

Plan the trip precisely. Keep your backup plan in your mind.

Follow the travel guides and maps.

Still,  you can always ask the natives to help you out with the roads.

4. Required gadgets and other things

Take care of all your belongings and mostly take good care of your mobile phones. Carry extra sim card with you.  Keep them alive.

If possible carry portable charger with you.

Nowadays people travel not to seek different places but to click selfies and to cherish that memory for a long time span…

So don’t forget to carry camera, selfie sticks, go pro and what not!

Carry the things which are required to maintain your gadgets.

Carry sunglasses not just to protect your eyes  but to flaunt yourself with  style! Bring extra clothes as per yours convenience.

Have a good collection of songs, maintain it. Enjoy the melodies while driving on the city roads. Carry one small diary and pen just to take notes of the travel experience. You can save the information on your cell phones.

But having a hard copy is really very important.

Don’t forget to carry small pocket torch.

5. First-aid kit/toiletries and pillow-blankets

Take your personal medicines, hand sanitizer, scissors, lighter, other toiletries, plastic bags, newspapers  insect repellent cream, sun screen lotion with you.

Also carry a small first aid kit containing necessary tools in it.

Sleep well while travelling~

Carry small pillow, blankets, sleeping bag if possible.

Take a break at night and stay at a motel or rest well in your vehicle.

6. Carry water bottles and light snacks

Always carry water bottles with you. If the bottles are metal ones then it will be well and better to preserve the quality as well as quantity of water.

Keep yourself hydrated.

Avoid carrying snacks items like chips, biscuits or soft drinks.

Eat healthy while travelling.

Pack sandwiches or try north Karnataka food  and bite the happiness along with traveling…

7. Last but not the least!

Take your best friends with you. Life is not meant to be stuck at one place. Just go with the flow. Explore new cities with your pals, hang out, have some memorable times together and refresh your soul through the joy of travelling!

If you want to go alone then nothing could be better than this!

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