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Why should women travel?

Ladies! Here are a few excuses why you need to pack your bags and hit the road right now. Let’s get geared up to embark upon an amazing travel experience!

  1. Break The Routine

Boss? Professor? Boyfriend? Husband? Kaamvaali bai? All part of the routine! Who does not need a break from it all? And what is the best way to take one hell of a break? TRAVEL!

  1. Time For Yourself

We as women have a natural tendency of never giving time to ourselves. We enjoy doing things for others. We can practically live our life for someone else. But, we need to give time to ourselves and indulge ourselves in the things that we love to do. Travelling lets you do exactly that. Plan your travel week and spend time for yourself!

  1. Stress-buster

Nothing but travelling can free you ladies from stress. Might it be work or the college assignments, we spend endless sleepless nights trying to cope up with the deadlines. Keep your laptops away, pack your bags and get lost into the stress free world!

(Make sure you write a leave application before you leave though)

  1. Get Out Of the Shell

When was the last time you tried doing something new? We all are used to living in our own comfort zones. But, we love the adrenaline rush that we get when we are about to try something different. Go out on an adventure, step out of your cosy bubble and freak out!

  1. Meet New People

Tired of interacting with the same people everyday? Well, when you visit another place you get to meet different people. You see all the people you can be.

  1. Be Yourself

We are so concerned about how we look, what we wear and what we do. But when you are travelling, you don’t have to worry about it. Tie your hair up in a bun or leave it open, throw on a smoky eye liner or don’t wear eyeliner at all… You can be loud or you can just bury yourself in a book and not speak a word, wear whatever you like and whatever makes you feel comfortable! No one is going to judge you or question you!

  1. Shopping

Shopping is our religion! Visiting a new place means shopping for new stuff. We all are up for it! We just need a reason to shop. Don’t we?

  1. No Cooking

Well, for the women who don’t really share a happy relationship with cooking… Travelling is the best way to stay away from it at least for a few days! When do you plan to start with the packing?

  1. Selfies

Let’s get real! We all want our Instagram and Facebook to be flooded with good pictures! Well.. Visit various beautiful places and keep your selfie game up. Show it off ladies!

  1. Cause You DESERVE It

All you amazing women ! You DESERVE a good vacation. 

So mark your calendars and start planning your travel week with BuffyFish, where you’ll meet all the amazing women who are just like you!

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