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Women – What to wear when in Goa!

Ladies, here is your basic guide to what you should wear when you are in Goa… make sure you pack whatever we are suggesting you to!

During the Day

It can get very hot during the day in Goa. Hence, cotton clothes are highly recommended. The annoying part about the weather in Goa is that it is very humid.

The best outfit to wear during the day is a summer dresses. You can wear the typical boho-prints and experiment with bright colors. Floral prints also look fabulous if you choose the right colour combinations.

Skirts are also a good option. Short or long… it is up to you! If you want to take a dip in the ocean, you can wear a wrap around because it is easy to take off wherever you are. You wont have to go searching for a washroom.

Tank tops and shorts is the most comfortable outfit that you can wear when you are in Goa. If you have a long day planned, you can easily go around in it and feel comfortable wherever you are. Might it be a visit to a fort, a short trek up to the waterfalls or just a walk on the beach this outfit works the best.

Avoid quadra, velvet, wool and any kind of the thick material.

If you want to get a good tan, crop tops and bikinis are an option too. Make sure you are carrying a shrug with you, as it can get cold after sunset especially in December.

Wear light material so that you can make the most of your time on the beach.

If you are an adventure person, make sure you carry a pair of good sports shoes with you. Those of you who just want to relax at the beach and want to enjoy a laid back holiday, a pair of flip-flops is all you need.

P.s- Quite a lot of churches in Goa do not let you enter if you are wearing anything that is above the knee length.

At Night

Nights in Goa are happening. If you have a candle light dinner planned, wear a nice short cotton dress and accessorize it with the shell bracelets.

If you are planning to out for a party, make sure you do a good research about the place. Every club in Goa has a different theme, so it is always better to be dressed according to the theme.

For a beach party, you can wear a airy maxi-dress with long cuts. If you don’t have one, you can definitely buy one in Goa itself. You can glam it up by wearing a long neck-piece or feathered earrings.

Leave your hair open and wear the braids with colourful wool. Don’t go heavy, as you might end up feeling uncomfortable.

Note: Don’t fall for false advice. If you are confident enough and comfortable enough in whatever you are wearing, nothing else should matter.

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