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A visit to The Tribal Cultural Museum in Pune

Today is International Museum Day.

I was inspired to visit a museum in my city, Pune.

The tribal cultural museum in Pune is located close to the railway station, next to the police station, right after the blue diamond bridge, on queen’s road.

There are some incredible photographs that depict the lives of the simple tribal people. There is an entire section on jewellery, musical instruments and utensils. There is a room filled with some beautiful warli paintings. Some beautiful papier mache masks of gods, goddesses and demons from the indian mythology are also on display.

The cultures of the warli, gond, and other tribes from the sahyadri region can be seen here. Some old weapons are also displayed. One gets to glimpse into the traditions of the tribal people.

It is definitely worth a visit.

Entrance fees – INR 10/- per head.

It is open from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

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