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Destinations to travel to in June

A rather pleasant month to travel around the globe- June is finally here! Neither too cold, nor too warm, this is ideal time to soak in the sun and absorb in the holiday spirit. Whether it is short haul or a long holiday, or a beach that you’re after, there are a lot of places that make June a perfect time of the year for a visit. From places in South America to India, you will find plenty destinations to choose from.


Beijing, China– With no national celebration or any Chinese holidays falling in this month, the place is rather peaceful with fewer numbers of visitors. The crowds at the Great Wall and Tiananamen Square are far lesser than compared to the peak seasons. A beautiful place with loads to see and experience, enjoy a trip to Beijing that is bustling with vigour and energy, where history and modern times see a beautiful blend.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- A very hot city otherwise, June sees a bit of rain which seems like a good respite. A modern city, Kuala Lumpur offers a great experience- for starters; the city with its impressive arrangement to get rid of the wet during rains will ensure it doesn’t impact your trip. So plan your trip and book the tickets to a destination well known for a cosmopolitan development, shopping and much more.

Ladakh, India– Clear skies, pleasant weather and a picturesque view, Ladakh is paradise during this time of the year. An ideal time for hiking, trekking or even a road trip to this beautiful place, you will want to visit Ladakh every year. Indulge in the beauty of the place and witness the blend of culture and history, while paying a visit to the oldest monastery, which will make an experience by itself.

Sikkim, India – March to June- summer time is an ideal time to visit Sikkim which is most often a haven for honeymooners, Buddhist pilgrims and tourists. Enjoy the sumptuous cuisine of the place and witness rare species of flora and fauna, of course not forgetting the mesmerizing beauty of the Himalayan ranges.

South America

Mexico city, Mexico- The place witnesses intermittent rains; however the altitude helps keep temperatures low. A beautiful city to visit, and often underrated, hotels in Mexico and flights offer great deals compared to many other places. A safe destination to visit, the city is a pleasant place in mid June.

Cancun, Mexico– Hotel prices and flight rates are particularly cheaper and you can grab a host of good deals in the best hotels at this point of the year. Although one of the rainy months, it barely rains for more than an hour. In fact most times, the showers are refreshing.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil– The summer season (December through February) is extremely hot and slightly wet, although rest of year makes for a perfect weather to visit. The striking backdrop and the comparatively lower prices is something you just can’t miss. Experience the magnanimity of Christ the Redeemer and enthral in a picturesque setting.


The whole of north is still cold and unbelievably expensive and so the south Europe is an ideal destination to hit this month. Sofia is one of the best affordable places, along with Budapest and Krakow, which are pleasant enough. Although slightly expensive, Prague is ideal weather-wise. Spain and Portugal are the other toppers on our list of enjoying this time of the year.


Morocco– This time is winter in Africa, while pretty hot in middle parts and over Egypt. Being on the south of Spain, the place is often visited as part of a trip to Spain. Those who happen to visit this place will know of an interesting culture, along with fascinating rates in June.

Middle East

Amman, Jordan- The weather is pretty pleasant and although a trip to this place alone wouldn’t make it to your bucket list, it definitely has loads stored in it to see- The Petra, an intriguing structure absolutely worth visiting. Try tying the place with some other destination, as the rates are quite reasonable as well.

Beirut, Lebanon- Although the weather is pleasant with no rains, the prices are not as low as Jordan. Considering the turmoil in the region, not too many people prefer a trip here, however for the adventurous or the bold ones, the trip is certainly pleasing, since there is quite a bit to see.

Tel Aviv, Israel- Beaches in Tel Aviv are beautiful, although a trip here won’t be as cheap, this is a perfect month with no rains and an enjoyable weather.

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