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How travel changes you

Travel Changes You – For the Better!!

You have seen every place, every monument and every museum – thanks to the technological advancements that allow you to enjoy any place around the world from the comfort of your home, with a 3D view. This also includes museums and palace interiors most of the times! So, do you feel the need to step out of your home to explore these places by yourself? Do these images and videos entice you into planning a trip or are you simply at peace, seeing them through the window screen of your laptop or your mobile phones?

No matter how many pictures and videos you view, an experience must be experienced to feel it! Travel is transformational to the core. Travel is synonymous to adventure and experience! It lends a different perspective to an otherwise stereotype view of the world and the people. Travel gives you the upper hand in taking informed decisions, making mistakes and learning from them. It is all about leaving your comfort zone only to find comfort in the laps of other parts of the world. The excitement of making a list of things to carry, packing your bags and finally embarking on the journey is an unparalleled one and equally addictive.

Here are some changes in your life that travel can bring about

Confidence Boosted

You develop a better mechanism to do the many intimidating things that you otherwise avoid. You gain confidence to deal with unexpected circumstances, navigating your way through captivating lanes, communicating in a foreign language, manoeuvring your thoughts through awkward situations and trying a variety of cuisine to satiate your hunger and quench your thirst. Is this not enough to make you a better person in your own country?

Widens your Understanding of People

The world will show you how different people around are and yet how identical they are! Your travel to different places will expose you to the fact that irrespective of where on earth you go, people vary only in looks, eating and living habits, ethnicity etc. Deep inside, every human being is the same- they can all communicate even with the barrier of language. They all experience small joys and advocate peace around the world. A conversation over meals and drinks makes you look at the world from a different outlook- probably something you never thought of!

Altered Perspective

Understanding the history of a place, the lifestyle of the locals, the culture and tradition makes you want to know more about the place. Talking with different people and experiencing various countries, you start looking differently at the world around you. There is a sense of empathy and understanding towards everyone.

Irrevocable Desire to Explore

Once you taste the adventures of traveling, you will never want to return to no-travel life. As soon as you return from your first trip, you will start planning your net trip. It is addictive- meeting new people, learning about different cultures, admiring a colossal piece of architectural wonder, marvelling at nature’s miraculous happenings…the list is never-ending!

Curiosity Deepens

How often have you thought about why are the northern lights so mesmerizing or why would ancient men go to great extents to build humongous artistic temples and churches or why do all cultures and religions, though as different as they seem, actually have a lot in common? Travel quenches your curiosity, attempts to answer your questions, giving rise to more questions thus maintaining a long lasting relation with travel.

The Bigger Picture Matters

Once you’ve travelled and experienced different cultures, met a variety of people and absorbed in the expanse of nature and man-made wonders, do you realize how small you are and how small your problems are. There is a bigger world out there, with a lot more things than only us. You learn to value all the things you are blessed with because at the end, what matters is that you had a chance to experience a lot more than only your world based in your comfortable shell.

So travel, as much as you can. Find solace in knowing you have seen so much, but yet there is a lot more left to be seen!!

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