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Monsoon in Goa

Monsoon in Goa

A kaleidoscope of cultures that have blended together to bring out the best of Goa! Touched by pristine sun-kissed beaches and sumptuous seafood, Goa is one of the most beautiful places to unwind. Whether it’s the expansive countryside greenery, the colorful market at Anjuna or the hustle and bustle of Panjim, Goa is in every way a bliss wherein the kind smiles of the Goans and the tendency to stop by for a short chat, makes it livelier. Explore this stunning place that’s home to striking Portuguese architecture, forts, and quaint churches and temples.

The advent of monsoons turns most people away from Goa, but who says not to visit Goa during the monsoon, rather ‘off season’ as many prefer to call it? The blooming natural beauty and greenery that goes as long as your eyes take you, Goa offers more reasons to visit during monsoon and witness its breathtaking beauty in abundance. Although beaches are rather quiet and most shacks shut down during this time, you still have better chances of finding some neat accommodation and local restaurants that serve delicious Goan food. The best part is probably the fact that luxurious staying could cost you 50% lesser than the peak months. This is one of the best times to witness the canopy of green covering the countryside. Also known for its trekking trails, these appear luscious green during the rainy season, inducing life into the trek. Probably a trek along the dense greenery that gives you a glimpse of the Dudhsagar falls at its mightiest. Swimming in the seas at this point may not seem like a good idea, with rough waves dominating the otherwise tranquil sea. Although that mustn’t deter you from visiting Goa- if you’re the adventurous one, you must try white water rafting in Mandovi River for a thrilling experience.

Likewise the Chapora fort on the Vagator beach is one of the most pristine sites to catch during the rains. Beaches like Mandrem and Arambol are the best to immerse in the moment and enjoy the rains, while if you want to catch up on some action, Baga and Calangute are probably your bets bet. While accommodation prices are really low, bike rentals too are reasonably low, and surely a trip during the rainy season will save you a lot of bucks. Goa comes alive during this time of the year with its Sao Joao festival that follows young men jumping into the river to retrieve gifts thrown into the waters by the villagers. A fun sight to witness, you’ll agree to the fact that fun in Goa never goes off with season. Few more festivals that continue offering reasons for celebrations are the Sangodd festival that has fishermen pay their respects to Saint Peter, the Touxeachem Feast and Bonderam flag festival. August/ September welcome the Ganesh festival with great ardor and enthusiasm. You’re bound to fall in love with the rains that Goa because they look heavenly and feel absolutely refreshing.

While Goa boasts of beauty in all its splendor during the rainy season, there are some other states too that make a great holiday destination at this time. Munnar in Kerala, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu and, Coorg and Agumbe in Karnataka and Pondicherry are a few places that’ll make you enthrall in the monsoon. The surrounding beauty with the backdrop of a stunning foliage and enchanting waterfall lures travelers into exploring this time of the year.

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