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Pros and Cons of Solo and Group Travel

Traveling is known to be the best teacher in life. There is so much you achieve with traveling- it widens your knowledge, fills your bucket of memories with cherished moments, enriches your experiences and transforms you! Are you planning on taking a vacation? Are you wondering whether you should be heading out all by yourself or being a part of group or two, ten or more? It’s best to know what suits your priorities and preferences to make a wise choice here.

Solo traveling has always been a dream for most travelers around the world, however there are so many who wish to take the impromptu trip but are apprehensive of a number of things. With a lot depending on your personality, if you are the kind of person who finds solace in absorbing the beauty of a place all alone, independent traveling is just for you. As nerve-wracking as it seems the freedom that traveling solo brings to you is unparalleled. You may chose to stay back on a hillside simply to enjoy the sunset, rather than zoom to the other end of the city to witness some play. There is no room to worry about going all the way to your favorite art gallery only to see it closed will probably have ruined your partner’s day. It’s your day top salvage and chalk a new plan- all about a learning experience. There is no binding on the amount of time you wish to explore a place, neither a strict schedule to follow. Traveling independently gives you a chance to resolve all problems, take your own decisions, be prepared for the unprepared and makes you a stronger person. There is no wait time for others to get ready and your trips starts when you start- you get to do just what you want and go just where you want! So step out, get lost, find your way and move on with the off beaten track, and find true joys in there! One of the best things about a solo trip is that self indulgence, sometimes delving into the deeper side and make a connection with your soul, getting out of the monotony of life and breaking the bonds for a while. Mistakes are your own and triumphs will turn out to be a mater of celebration!

Of course independent traveling has its perils as well like loneliness, security conundrums.  You need to know that there WILL be problems and you will feel very alone and sometimes may end up feeling lonely. However, with a little planning, preparation and common sense, you can sail safely through rough spots. You will be spending more time on figuring out how to proceed and get most of the experience that you had come for. Safety is a big issue in some countries especially for women travelers, although with right amount of precautions, there would be little hassle. Without someone to watch your back, it may seem highly unsafe, hence, it is better to understand the regulations and safety concerns of your destination. The first trip on your own could be a learning curve, posing more issues, simplest ones being meeting and talking to new people. Thus, understand the advantages and be prepared to face unprecedented events and make a choice. It is rather interesting and enriching to embark on a journey by yourself, fend for yourself, deal with issues and come back truly rejuvenated. Your best counsel is you so if something doesn’t feel right, don’t go for it.

On the other hand, a group tour will take you all over the world, to the destination of your choice, with ten other people having the same choice of place. Shuttling from one to another with a scheduled itinerary and a guide is of course a complete opposite of an independent trip. While travel is simply about exploring different places, knowing other cultures and meeting new people, the medium in which people choose to explore differs. As such group tours come in various sizes and kinds. However, they also turn out to be cheaper than a solo trip as group discounts can be availed for most attractions. Safety is an issue that is well taken care of in groups and lesser chances of things going wrong since there has been a good amount of pre- planning. You will seldom feel lonely as there will be a companion to talk with or share with. You may just find a friend in there! For those who do not see themselves going on a solo trip, organized tours work the best to step into the unknown.

However, there will be differences in preference of areas and interests. The strict schedule of organized trips will leave little opportunity for ‘alone time’ or probably to spend more time at a museum. You won’t get a chance to plan the places and hence not everything on the itinerary will interest you. The hardest part is quick traveling- not getting enough time at a place may seem annoying and you may end up missing out on a number of things to see/do. Clashing personalities and difference in opinions will sometimes give a tough time. Big crowds and lack of flexibility may at some point seem like a hindrance. And one of the most important that you may miss out on is interaction with the locals which is an experience in itself- something worth devouring. There is so much you learn and understand when you interact with people from the place and that is one of the reasons we choose to travel.

Thus, no matter what you choose, it is imperative that you plan wisely and make basic prior arrangements before taking the plunge. But, traveling will cleanse your soul and be sure to come back as a new person, to only plan another trip!

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