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Each of us has a list of places to visit, however each of us also has a list of movies that has inspired us to travel. Movies bring out the best in a place in the way it’s shot. Every time I watch a movie with a particularly interesting place, I wish I could be right there, although movies are also a good medium to momentarily transport you into a beautiful place from where you find returning difficult. Below is a list of movie that is bound to inspire you to take off to the destination shown in the movie.

Motorcycle Diaries-

A story of two medical students who embark on five month motorcycle trip across South America. From deserts to rainforests, the film starring Gael Garcia Bernal shows the rugged life in this region. The heart breaking poverty of the region turns Che Guevara from a doctor to a revolutionary. Brilliantly directed, this movie is sure to make you take to the road across the continent.

Into the Wild

Based on a true story, the story follows young Chris who gives up luxury in search of freedom and wilderness, and changes his name to Alexander Supertramp. Setting on a road trip through US to Alaska, his journey is filled with adventures and experiences, meeting various kinds of people, while he makes his way up to the ‘Last Frontier’. A movie that is a sensitive reminder of how we must enjoy life and travel to get closer with who we are.

Darjeeling Unlimited

A film about three wealthy, warring brothers taking a train trip through India, after the death of their father, to basically bond with one another. With initial hiccups in their journey, the process of bonding and rejuvenation gradually takes place. With boys finally turning into men, the hilarious camaraderie between them and the locations will make you pack for a trip in India.


The movie follows Cheryl Strayed played by Reese Witherspoon who sets on a journey of self-discovery while walking solo on a stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail. The beautiful scenery along her hiking route, from deserts to mountains makes you want to visit the places. The movie sends out a strong message of dealing with fear and the way women are looked at.

A Good Year

Starring Russel Crowe, the movie follows his character portrayed as a banker who returns to France where his uncle who passes away, leave him a vineyard. As he prepares to sell the property, he soon realizes how attached he is getting to the laid back and stress free life of the countryside and soon falls in love with a local girl. The movie longs you to visit the south of France and experience a beautiful stress free life that shows you that money isn’t everything.

Seven Years in Tibet

The movie showcases the relation between a German mountaineer Heinrich Harrer and a Tibetan Lama whom he befriended. We get a glimpse of the Tibetan culture on the eve of Chinese invasion and how the mountaineer gradually is shown to change his outlook on life when confronted with new experiences and challenges. The land of Tibet as shown in the movie will lure you into making a trip to this beautiful place.

Secret Life of Walter Mitty

A hilarious movie about Walter Mitty who hate his job and often dreams of something exciting and adventurous in life. A day dreamer, he has hardly had anything exciting enough in his lifetime, however a trip to Greenland changes his life forever. In search of the lost photo for the magazine cover, he goes to Greenland and finds his own adventures there. You will fall in love with the place and will definitely want to quit your job and go out to seek your own adventure.

The Bucket List

Two men who are terminally ill land up in the same hospital room and set out on fulfilling their bucket list. Staying at luxury hotels, driving race cars and traveling are activities they set out on. A great movie that spells the fun of traveling and adventures in all sizes and shapes at all ages.

Under the Tuscan Sun

The movie features an American movie who takes a trip to Tuscany after a broke marriage. No sooner than she gets there, does she fall in love with the place, so much that she buys herself a villa and gets on with refurbishing it. Taking the help of locals, she faces challenges- physically and emotionally, little realizing that through the process she is mending her soul as well. The beautiful hills of Tuscany and the stunning images of the little town of Positano fill you with wanderlust.

This is our list of travel movies, picked meticulously from the otherwise long list that lure you into traveling and visiting places around the globe.

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