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Bhutan – The Himalayan Kingdom

Bhutan the kingdom of Himalayas ! 

Enchanted mountains, magnificent temples, heartwarming people and delectable food is what makes Bhutan so special from the other countries. It’s strange how a country just across our ( India’s) borders can have  distinct culture and traditions.  If you wish to slow down your fast-paced city life and relish a moment or two in the lap of Himalayas, Bhutan is the place for you!

The government takes all the possible measures to preserve its rich culture, so why can’t we just escape from our mundane lives and enjoy it while we can ? 

Things you must know before travelling to Bhutan-

Bring cash – Bhutan is an isolated country so you ATMs will not be available easily. So i recommend to carry your rupees or you Bhutan local currency i.e – Ngultrum. 

Don’t disrespect the royalsBhutan reformed from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy in 2008, but the royals are still perceived as incarnations of gods. Criticizing them is akin to blasphemy. 

Visa-  if you are from India, you do not need a visa to travel to Bhutan. You can get the permit directly at the airport on your arrival. 

No smoking – smoking is not permitted in Bhutan. You cannot even smoke in the hotel rooms; it is strictly prohibited. If you get caught smoking then you will have to pay a hefty fine besides you might as well land behind the bars. 

Taking photos for gram- we all want our Instagram feed to be full of our travel story and what is better than clicking that perfect candid with the locals and posting it online ? It may be amusing to us but the people of Bhutan may or may not like it, so you should always take their permission before clicking pictures. 

Are you a mountain person too? – many tourists visit Bhutan just for trekking. 

If money is not a matter then you can go for multi day trekking, which will cost you around 200$ per day. It is due to the strict rules for trekking and removal of human squanders. 

Festivals – every country has different festivals and so does Bhutan. If you could attend any of these festivals below then your trip to Bhutan will be worth it-


 The official language used in Bhutan is  Dzongkha. I cannot even pronounce the name of the language so let us just forget about learning it. Hindi and English is spoken by almost everyone in Bhutan so you need not worry. But just in case you bump into some people who do not understand Hindi or English then below words can help you a little-

English Dzongkha
Hello Ku zu zang pola    
Welcome Jen pa leg so
Thank you Ka din chey(la)
Excuse me Gom ma tre(la)
What is your name? Chey gi min ga chi mo?
My name is Steven            Nga gi min Steven yin(la)
Sorry Kuchey
Very Delicious   Name Same Shimbe
Where is the hospital?  Men khang ga te yoe –

know all these basic rules and you are good to go !