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Bored In The House?

Okay, so I am bored in the house in the house i am bored !

Tyga and Curtis Roach have surely stolen millions of hearts by composing this song called “ BORED IN THE HOUSE ”. As the whole world is locked inside their homes due to the global pandemic novel coronavirus. Oh no do not freak after seeing me mentioning about the virus. I assure you that this blog is nothing related to viruses and all about YOU. YES, YOU ! I often see people posting on their feed that how bored and frustrated they are of this whole lockdown situation and I wonder why ? How can anyone be bored of not having to get up early in the morning just to attend those monotonous lectures or hurrying to get ready to reach the office on time. 

Yes, cancelling your travel plans must be heartbreaking. From planning to go on a trek to going on a world tour, from wanting to visit as many museums as possible to visiting villages to explore their cuisine. 2020 has surely ruined all our summer plans. But hey, with the advent of technology you can alway visit these places virtually ! so here are the things you can do if you’re missing travelling or just being on the road ! 

  • Cooking –

The best part about travelling is the FOOD ! that delicious complimentary breakfast in your hotels, that delectable lunch and cuisine of the particular country or state. While we can’t travel to places to try different cuisines, why can’t we make that food at home ? of your favorite cuisine from your favorite country or state? I always loved English breakfast so I started making it along with the different types of cuisines.And  Now tying my hair in a bun and cooking while listening to the music has become therapeutic for me. You should try it too. And if you already are too good at it then conduct online workshops.  

  • Learning art –

While you cannot visit art museums across the country, you can at least try to make some art on your own. Explore the art museums on their sites or on pinterest and take your paint brushes out of the shelf and just start painting.

  • Stay fit- 

It is important to stay fit, healthy and to increase your immunity. And right now is the time to exercise regularly so that you can get fit for the trek you desperately wanted to go on. If you are planning treks in Nepal or Bhutan they are very challenging and therefore it is very necessary to become fit first. I personally workout everyday for 60 mins virtually with my trainer. If you do not want to get a trainer then youtube is always there to your rescue. Also, famous bollywood celebrities workout trainer- yasmin karachiwala, takes free live workout sessions on her instagram account for free of cost. So now you have a trainer for yourself who trains celebrities like deepika padukon and katrina kaif. What more do you want in life ? so shoot all your excuses and just get stronger for the trek.

  • Meditate- 

Meditating is the best way to take care of your mental health. Meditation can reduce anxiety and stress. Increases self awareness and can generate kindness. Making meditation a part of your life is very important and you will start noticing the benefits as soon as you start doing it. 

  • Read read read ! 

The more you read, the wiser you become. Read and study the history or facts about your favorite destinations. Explore the ‘ THINGS YOU CAN DO ’ in that particular country or city. You might be astonished to see the results. You can research and prepare your own itineraries. Study about the documents needed for the visa/ passport purposes. If you have them all at home, you can just start organising them so that there’s no rush at the last moment. Learn about modern and postmodern history on 

  • Organize your room- 

I recently read this post on gram, ‘ GOD SENT THIS VIRUS ON EARTH SO THAT WE COULD SEE WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO OUR HOUSE ’. The post hit me hard. Why don’t you decorate the room with the souvenirs you have collected from all over the globe ? you can also tuck your polaroid pictures on a ribbon and hang it over your bed with fairy lights. This will bring back all the travel memories. 

  • Go on virtual tours- 

Why don’t you go on virtual tours ? Your 2020 summer plans have anyway been cancelled. so many museums have started with virtual tours, even the Louvre museum offers you one. So you do not have to travel to Paris to visit the museum.And youtube is always there to the rescue ! you can binge watch travel vlogs and decide your next travel destination. Until then, stay safe at home ! 

I read this quote online, “after the pandemic is over, if you do not come out with a new skill, a plan for your future, more wisdom and a vision for your life, remember this: 

You never had a “time” problem. You have an excuse problem. So as I said before, say bye bye to the excuses and just get moving. Come out of this pandemic as a stronger, healthier and a wiser person. Take care of yourself. Stay hydrated and keep washing your hands.