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Things to know before you go to Indonesia

Whenever you book your flight tickets, you get so busy dreaming about the place that you forget to check on important things. Things like which type of charger should you carry? Which language will the locals speak in? 

Plugs – The plugs in Indonesia are type C however, i recommend you to buy an universal adapter. So that it will be useful for your next trip as well. 

Local language – Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia but only 20% of the population uses the language. Javanese has more native speakers than Indonesian. 

If you book your stay in a luxurious hotel and hire a tour guide, you do not have to stress much over the local language but if you are backpacking and want to indulge with the locals and their culture then you need to know some Indonesian words and phrases

Words useful while asking for directions- 

  • Kiri: Left
  • Kanan: Right
  • Lurus: Straight
  • Belakang: Behind

If you love street shopping then you will know how important it is to bargain. 

So here are some phrases that you can use while bargaining.

Shopping hack – try to bargain for around 40% off of the initial price offered. 

  • Harga: Price
  • Berapa harganya?: How much does it cost?
  • Harga nya mahal: Price is expensive
  • Lebih murah bisa?: “Cheaper possible?”
  • Saya tidak ada cukup: I don’t have enough
  • Mahal sakali: Very expensive!

Just know these basic terms and you are good to go in indonesia!

Indonesia a paradise 

Which is that one place that comes to your mind after hearing the name ‘Indonesia’? I bet it is BALI!  The alluring beaches of Bali surely have all the tourists attracted towards it but while travelling to Indonesia, you should keep in mind that there is more to the country than just bali. 

Offbeat places in Indonesia which are not too mainstream. 

  • Yogakarta – yogakarta will leave you amazed with its natural beauty and beautiful ancient temples. You will have to rent a car or scooter to visit all the temples as there is no public transport connected to all the sights.
  • East java- want to get away from the crowd ? Book a flight to East Java and explore the isolated jungles that are home to brooding volcanoes, crater lakes, and jaw-dropping waterfalls !
  • Nusa island -Nusa island also known as the Maldives of bali. If you want to indulge in water sports or just want to have a lazy day on the beach, this island is a perfect place. 
  • Padar island- There are challenging trails that will take you to the top of the island’s tallest peaks for a breathtaking view of the surrounding area!
  • Raja ampat – You’ll get to travel to remote islands, dive in pristine conditions, and explore dive sites that are not otherwise accessible.

These are the places you can visit which are not mainstream and a memorable trip in Indonesia.