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Nepal travel guide

You have your itineraries ready with you, you are all set to witness the majestic land of Nepal and have the best trip till the date but you instead offend the locals because of lack of knowledge about their customs and traditions, OUCH! That one mistake can ruin your whole trip. And we would not want that, so Buffyfish will tell you about the Do’s and Don’ts in Nepal from our personal experience. It is so important to know about the people and their culture while travelling to a foreign land, especially if it is indian subcontinent. 

Things you wish you knew before travelling-

Why should fitness freaks have all the fun ? 

If you have read my other blog on Nepal 

You’d know how trekking can be really challenging in Nepal. If climbing the mount everest base camp is just not your cup of tea, then you can always take a flight tour to mount everest. YES, YOU CAN ! imagine witnessing the tallest peak of the world. This thrilling tour offers incredible views of pristine mountain peaks at very close range. The major allure of this tour is to have close up views of the world’s tallest peaks along with some other famous peaks like Gourishankar, Cho-Oyu, Lhakpa Dorje and many others. Seeing the mount Everest will surely have you amazed. 

This helicopter light tour will cost you around $1000 USD. 

Do not drink the tap water-

Do not even consider consuming the tap water, you can always buy sealed water bottles from any store available.

Social etiquettes –

You can greet the locals by adjoining two of your hands and saying “ Namaste “ just the way you do it in India. 

If you want to apologize to someone then say, माफ गनुस्

(maafa ganus).

Please checkout the following list to know more about the phrases to use in nepal-

Thank you – dhanyawad

How much is this ? – yo kati ho?

Where is the toilet ? – sauchalaya kata chha

Call the police – prahari bolaunuhos

Just know these basic phrases and you are good to go. 

Do not forget the toilet paper at home-

You will not get toilet paper every place you go so it is better if you carry it on your own. 

Get ready to wander where the wifi is weak-

We all have read this quote at least once somewhere “ WANDER WHERE THE WIFI IS WEAK” well, you can literally relate to it in nepal.  fun fact: Nepal is the second slowest country in the world in terms of internet speed. Libya still stands at first. 

Roads, dust and face masks-

The roads in Nepal are not constructed well since Nepal is still recovering from the earthquake so expect a lot of potholes on the road. Prefer travelling by cabs. Also, if you will be staying in the main city then please carry face masks with you since the city like areas are very polluted. 

Dump your own trash-

You will find an abundance of trash and a prolific growth of wild marajuana plants.  Locals will burn piles of trash but obviously there is a problem with littering in general. As a traveler, save your trash until you can find a place to dispose of it.

hindu – buddhist culture

People of Kathmandu are 50% Hindu and 50%buddhists. They practice hybrid Hindu-buddhist religion. The major religions and religious festivals are a cross-pollination of both. Surprisingly, 80% of Nepali folks are Hindu and only 10% are Buddhist.  In marriage, a Buddhist may marry a Hindu and religious affiliation is less a concern than caste.

So that’s it! I have tried my best to write down all the things you need to know before travelling to nepal. Get in touch with Buffyfish to plan your exotic trip to Nepal.