You are currently viewing Pondicherry – the french capital of India!

Pondicherry – the french capital of India!

India is not only about it’s mesmerizing natural wonders but also about meaningful and enlightening spiritual traditions. Pondicherry is one of the many places in India which has the combination of these two. Pondicherry has stunning natural beauty with the glaze of spirituality on it. It is very famous for the essence of french culture which has gotten blended in the typical south indian culture.  The city is calm and its urban architecture, depicting the French style, attracts people from all over the world. Besides sightseeing, you don’t need to worry about what to do in Pondicherry, for the tiny holiday destination has a lot to offer to make it a fun-filled trip for you. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast , peace seeker or explorer, this place will never disappoint the travel lover in you !It is quite a bizarre feeling seeing all french on the street signs, clean sandy beaches and colorful streets. You will keep asking yourself, whether you are in India or France ? So without wasting more time let me tell you the things to do or places to visit in pondicherry ! 


Auroville was inaugurated in 1968 during which the people from 124 countries were present. There is the primary centre for all spiritual activities called “matrimandir’ inside the auroville which is also known by many names like ” soul of the city”, “Golden globe”. The architecture of matrimandir is very unique and specially designed by french architect roger anger and mother of Sri Aurobindo. There is a  special crystal inside the matrimandir, because of which  sun rays fall on this crystal and this creates positive vibes in the surrounding area. Conceived as the ‘Universal Town’, the Auroville Ashram is an experimental township – the idea is to create a city where people from across the world of all cultures and traditions come and live together in peace.


Arikamedu  which means “eroding mud” is the  port which is 7 km away from pondicherry where  Roman traders landed.There are still roman remnants present in Arikamedu. If you want to witness the roman presence in India you can visit this place. Very little is known about any Indo-Roman ties in the Before Christ era, but with the discovery and excavation of Arikamedu, extensive proofs were unearthed. This port town was occupied by the people of Rome, Cholas, and French serving as a very famous maritime centre from 1st century BC to 2nd century AD. Here you can see the final few columns, bricks and mortars of the structure in ruins standing like a ghost along the river. This place does not attract many tourists but if you are a history lover, there cannot be a better treat for you than this. 

Beaches and the ocean

Ocean air, salty hair. BEACH PLEASE! We all have a thing for beaches. What is the point of having a vacation if the place doesn’t have beaches? Beaches in pondicherry are so alluring and clean. You can relax on the soft sand, party by the waters, walk along the shores, watch splendid sunsets, do some swimming, build sand castle, try adventurous water sports, have delicious snacks by the beach or spend a romantic evening with your partner. Whoa! We know there’s so much to do. So when reality calls you just hang up and enjoy life, one day at a time 🙂 Pondicherry is gifted with natural beauty, and its biggest gifts are Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. The seashores are the perfect places to experience and live in this city. This is your chance to explore the unbelievingly best beaches in Pondicherry. Don’t let it slip away! 

Here is a list of “must visit” beaches- 

  1. Auroville beach
  2. Rock beach 
  3. Paradise beach
  4. Promenade beach
  5. Quiet beach
  6. Serenity beach
  7. Mahe beach

You must visit these beaches in 2020 before they go mainstream.

Old lighthouse

All the bollywood lovers, you all must have dreamt of having a little rendezvous at some abandoned place, in the outskirts of the city, at a place from where you could see the city lights. Pondicherry has a perfect spot for you to fulfil your fantasy. It is the OLD LIGHTHOUSE.Old Lighthouse is located just opposite to the famous Gandhi Statue on the Beach Road in Pondicherry. Originally, the Lighthouse traces its history from the year 1836. The abandoned Lighthouse is presently serving as a converted museum and is hailed as one of the top tourist sites in Pondicherry. The space in front of the Lighthouse is used for various commercial, musical and cultural activities. Being one of the most popular Tourist Attractions in Pondicherry, the Old Lighthouse is visited by numerous tourists, both locals as well as internationals, throughout the year.

The french colony

This is a part of the area in Pondicherry which was established and created by French public a long time ago. Once we enter that colony, then we will literally feel as if we are abroad. The roads, houses, small doors, theatres, hotels each and everything will be in the style of French. The French colony of Pondicherry has a typical French colonial style of buildings with compounds and high walls. These buildings are mostly painted in yellow and blue with highlights of white. These vibrant-looking buildings make it one of the favorite destinations among travelers and photography enthusiasts. So if you wanna feel like you are in France while still being in India, this place is best for you.just  roam around in the french colony and explore french architecture like french schools, french hospital, western style theatre.


Churches in Pondicherry are so different than that of other places. They are truly an architectural wonder! So colorful and aesthetic. Here is a list of churches with their addresses that you can visit-

Name of the Church Address
1.   Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health Church Madha Koil Street, Ariyankuppam
2.   Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus South Boulevard, M. G. Rd
3.   The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes Villianur
4.   Immaculate Conception Cathedral Mission Street, M. G. Road Area
5.   Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges White Town
6.   Saint Andrew’s Church Reddiarpalayam
7.   Our Lady of Assumption Church Church Street, Nellithope
8.   Holy Spirit Church Tagore Nagar, Lawspet
9.   Saint John’s CSI Church Romain Rolland Street, White Town
10.   Emmanuel Methodist Church Pattanur Village, Gorimedu


In Pondicherry you can also enjoy some splendid beaches and sea-facing cafes-  Plop yourself on one of the chairs facing the Bay of Bengal and enjoy the cool breeze. Sip on that hot cappuccino, savor the flavorful pizza slice and relax to the sound of waves. You can also relish dosa, idli,bessibilla bath with exquisite cassoulet,ratatouille chocolate souffle. South indian food is always a treat to the tongue! From French to local to Asian, this melting pot offers you a world of mouth watering cuisines. There are many cafes in this little town that would surprise you with its culinary offerings.

Enjoy the cafes with Bohemian charm and European feel to it.


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