You are currently viewing Uttarakhand and Rajasthan are open to tourists. Here is what you should know…
A Safari Jeep in Sariska Tiger Reserve

Uttarakhand and Rajasthan are open to tourists. Here is what you should know…

Uttarakhand and Rajasthan are open to tourists of other states but with rules like minimum stay of 5 days. If you are an asymptomatic traveler but you come from a region with high number of COVID19 cases, you will be required to spend 14 days of quarantine at a free government facility. People apart from these who are asymptomatic and come from non-containment zones will have to go through the following procedure.

Here is what you need to know if you are planning on visiting Uttarakhand or Rajasthan in these coming weeks

  1. You have to apply for an e-pass for movement during lockdown via the central government’s new service plus website. You can select the state, register yourself and then proceed with the travel e-pass application and provide your name, contact details and other particulars like adhar identity and vehicle registration (RC book). Once your travel e-pass application is approved, you will receive an e-pass containing your name, address, validity and a QR code.Click on the following link to apply for an e-pass –
  2. You have to provide medical documentation for COVID19 negative test results, not older than 72 hours. Though at the arrival you will be screened at check post again.
  3. You will be asked for the hard copies of the above documents once you reach the state. You should carry those documents with you over the whole journey.
  4. You need to give a detailed information about where you are travelling from and where you will be staying in the city at the checkpoints.
  5. You are also expected to have the Arogya Setu app downloaded on your mobile phones.
  6. Pregnant women, those above 65 years and those travelling with children under the age of 10 will have to spend 7 or 14 days in quarantine depending on the health conditions.

All the tourist premises have been sanitized by the respective governments.


  1. Hotels and homestays are open in non-containment zones with a permit to accept bookings for a minimum of five days.
  2. Social distancing and thermal screenings are conducted at all those tourist places which are open.
  3. Tourists will be allowed to enter these places only in groups of five.
  4. Masks have been made mandatory.


  1. Try doing a road trip in your own car to stay safe. If you take a car on rent make sure it is sanitized properly. If you are travelling by public transport maintain the social distancing norms.
  2. Carry disposable gloves, clean masks and alcohol based sanitizers and use them frequently to avoid the risks.
  3. Try not to exchange cash, instead go for online payments.
  4. Avoid touch points in hotels, restaurants and at all tourist places as well.
  5. Don’t forget to carry medications if any and keep a supply of vitamin c tablets with you.
  6. Avoid eating roadside food and stick to eating food at sanitized hotels instead.


Rajaji national park

Tiger in Rajaji National Park
A herd of elephants
A herd of elephants in Rajaji National Park
A road in Rajaji National Park
A road in Rajaji National Park

Rajaji national park is a tiger reserve and is spread over 820 kms. The park is nestled between the shivalik ranges and the indo- gangetic plains. The park is governed by principal chief conservators of forests and was established in 1983.
PLACE: Dehradun.
TIMINGS: 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM AND 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM all days of week.
ENTRY FEES: 250/- per person.

2. Bulla Tal:

lotus flower
Lotus flower
2 ducks
bullatal lake

A small well maintained and serene lake known as Bulla tal is a perfect spot for some entertaining day out. Bulla tal was constructed as a dedication to the Garhwali youth. You can enjoy the scenic beauty around the place and also there is ample boating facility at the lake with some ducks around.
PLACE: Lansdowne.
TIMINGS: 10 AM to 5:00 PM
ENTRY FEES: No entry fees.

Note that places like Jim-Corbett, Garhwali museum, Tiffin top, Kausani tea estate, Nag tibba, Valley of flowers national park are temporarily closed. Also spiritual places like Rishikesh and Kedarnath are still not open for tourists.

Monuments like Albert hall, Amber fort, Sisodhiya garden, Vidyadhar garden are open for tourists. Apart from these you can also enjoy following offbeat activities.

1. Sariska tiger reserve:

A Safari Jeep in Sariska Tiger Reserve
A Safari Jeep in Sariska Tiger Reserve
Tiger at the Sariska Tiger Reserve
Tiger at the Sariska Tiger Reserve

For those who are into wildlife, Sariska Tiger Reserve is a must visit place. It is situated in the Aravelli Hills of Alwar district and is a home for animal species like Tigers, Wild Boars, Sambar deer, Monkeys and Jackals.
TIMINGS- October to June open for all days of week.
July to September closed due to rains.
ENTRY FEES: For Indians- 750/- INR per person
For Foreigners- 1500/- INR per person

2. Dune bashing:

Dune Bashing in Thar desert
Dune Bashing in Thar desert
desert and a jeep
Dune bashing in the desert

Rajasthan is a place for way too many adventures that one can’t imagine. Dune Basing is an extremely popular sport in the desert. Driving an SUV in the endless desert is quite an experience that you will never forget.
PLACE- Thar desert.
COST- varies from 2000/- to 5000/- per vehicle. None if you own a vehicle.

3. Vintage car rally:

Vintage car
Vintage car
Vintage car
Vintage car

Well, this doesn’t need an explanation. People who love cars and are fond of antiqueness will be absolutely amazed by this showcase of luxury cars.
PLACE- Jaipur
TIMINGS- 9:00 AM TO 9:00 PM all days of week.

4. Abhaneri step well:

Abhaneri Step Well
Abhaneri Step Well

Abhaneri step well also known as chand baori is a heritage showcase. One must definitely visit if one is fond of architecture. It was once used to harvest rainwater.
PLACE: Abhaneri

Note that few places like Hawamahal, Jantar Mantar, Choki Dhani, Anokhi museum of hand printing, desert camping and Bhisoni village safari are temporarily closed for now.
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