Being one of the first fortifications of the city, Leh Palace is built on a history as monumental as the mountain range it sits on. It was built by the king of Ladakh, Dragpa Bumdey, designed with a Tibetan flair. It was constructed in the seventeenth century and later abandoned by the royal family in the nineteenth century. Decked with nine stories, each floor had its unique purpose. The Stok Kangri mountains are a treat to the eyes of those observing them from the palace.

The inside of the palace is adorned with historical artefacts that will have you pondering about the centuries before. With ancient necklaces and 450-year-old artworks on the inside, and striking, gorgeous views out the window, the Palace is quite an experience.

Although its history is heavy, and the visit may be a lot on your mind, an afternoon trek all the way up to the Palace will be the perfect accompaniment to what you will witness. A bike trip to the area will also be a fun activity that can make your experience a unique one.

The Palace shines during the summer, specifically during the months of May and June. The tainted skies of September and October may also be a beautiful backdrop for the Palace. It is open for visitors from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and requires a fee of Rs. 100 for foreign tourists, and only Rs. 15 for Indian tourists.