Here’s a fact that you just can’t seem to escape: the world around you has changed. Drastically. The home you once felt to be a safe place and retreat from the stress of your work has now become everything for you, including your workplace. Or, your workplace has become a place of dread, with you reaching out for the safety of your hand sanitizer every now and then, making sure you haven’t somehow caught the infamous virus.

Has all of this ever given you the feeling that your workplace needed a little change? Maybe a little rearrangement of the cluster of things piled up on your desk, or maybe a martini and beach winds completely engulfing you? The latter may be possible, with a little shift in perspective, and a clever use of your resources!

What you may desperately need is a workcation. A workcation is essentially a vacation away from your home and workplace, but it involves working remotely and vacationing at the same time. The luxury of a vacation is perhaps all you need to inspire you to move away from your daily woes regarding your work.

And that is exactly what my husband and I did this year. In pursuit of the phenomenon called the workcation, we ended up immersed in the calm air of Ladakh. And we haven’t left! We’re holding on by our high-speed internet connection and our unbridled love for this place. We reached Ladakh right before the second wave of COVID-19 could hit our city. Ladakh welcomed us with open arms and a sweet atmosphere, as we felt at home even before we could book our apartment via Airbnb. Our apartment was fully furnished, overlooking Himalayan ranges as well as the lively markets of the town, so it felt like it was ready to be our new safe haven!

Our weekdays were spent cooking, cleaning, and behind our laptops working, with a few visits to the main market at Leh, and our solace was our cups of coffee after lunch. Our weekends were lit up with car rides through the city, or even to tourist sites that have always captivated the travelers in us. The Hemis and Thiksay monasteries offered us wonderful stays during such weekends, only enriching our memories of Ladakh.

Recently, only a few weekends ago, we hired an Enfield 350cc and let the road lead us. And apparently, the road took us to Nimmo, where we stopped for lunch. We continued on the road, heading to Alchi, a quaint town gracing the banks of the river Indus. To add on to this bliss, we visited the Alchi Monastery, where we meditated, experiencing an air like no other. Its meandering waters and the views accompanying it was truly a sight to behold.

Having a work-life balance may seem like a far-fetched myth to most people, but this workcation has made us realize otherwise. We feel incredibly relaxed, while also spending our time being as productive as ever. The workcation bridges the gap between your current life and the life you want.