Ramki and Family in Goa

Ramki and Family in Goa

I have been a backpacker most of the earlier travel, my approach for it was on a budget and on a shoestring. But things change after marriage and especially having traveling with an infant and kid.

Since my better half and I have opposite views on how a holiday should be like, we approached BuffyFish to organize our first travel outing as a family. We wanted our kids to experience the beaches at Goa with little travel.

Vidula, found us a perfect place to stay, a property with easy access to the beach, adventure activities were just attached to the property.

We were traveling with an infant and a 3 year old for the first time on a vacation.

The joy we got from seeing the kids enjoy sun, sand and tropical rains on a clean and quite spot of beaches between the usually crowded Calangute and Baga.

The younger one was mind blown seeing so much water for the first time in his first few months on the plant earth. He decided to have Goa on a platter. He tried tasting the salty sea water and the sand on the beaches with parents keeping constant vigil on his let me taste everything in Goa.

The older kid was busy exploring his construction skills building sand castles and making his own private beach, which by the way went missing during a high tide overnight, teaching him some valuable lessons on waterfront properties. He also had his Steve Irvin moment when he saved a small fish back to the sea.

We traveled during the end of the monsoons to Goa, so we had some beautiful rains on the country side. We also explored old Goa, Bom Jesus basilica and few others old Portuguese.

Most of the time was spent around the property, Colonia santa maria, that BuffyFish had checked us into. The Indian cuisine was great, the rooms villa were clean.

Our first family vacation with my small beautiful family was very memorable, forts, beaches, forests and rains and not to mention the awesome Goan cuisine.

Thank You BuffyFish for taking care of the travel . We are definitely going to approach them for our next family vacation.