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Tia at Anjarle

The older I get, regular birthday parties and too many people tend to grate. This year, a I wanted a birthday away from Pune, even if I spent it on the road and not a specific destination.

A quick chat with Vidula brought Velas and Anjarle onto the map. Anything to do with a beach works for me and my partner, so we packed up our bike and headed out. Vidula had mentioned the turtle-hatching festival hosted at these beaches, but since we only had two days, the focus was on finding scenic routes and seafood. The coastal route to Anjarle is a beauty, though we, quite literally, hit a few rough patches on the roads. The view, and the jetty ride from Harihareshwar, make it worth it, though.

While Anjarle is known for its home-stays, we opted for a little resort on the beach where you step out onto sand and breakfast with the sea. We spent two days exploring with the bike, spotting constellations in the impossibly clear night-skies and eating. Not exactly in that order. Next time, we’ll try and catch the turtles; for this year, I’m a very satisfied birthday girl.