Tanzania: The Land of Serenity and Serengeti

Situated in the eastern part of the continent, in the African Great Lakes region, Tanzania is one of the most famous countries in Africa. Home to some of the most prominent game reserves in the world, the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro, and the gorgeous beaches of Zanzibar, it offers an array of recreational options for travellers. The country’s natural beauty and the warm hospitality of its people ensures that tourism contributes a significant 17.5% to its gross domestic product.
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Nature Reserves
Prominent among Tanzania’s attractions are its beautiful, full-to-bursting-with-wildlife nature parks, making it the perfect place for animal and bird enthusiasts. The most famous is the Serengeti National Park, lauded the world over for its incredible beauty and sheer variety of wildlife. Spread over a massive 14,750 sq km, it is known for big game as well as the annual migrations of millions and millions of white-brindled wildebeest and close to 300,000 zebra. The park has very sparse tree cover and rolling Savannah grasslands, making it easy to spot animals. It is on the north-west of Tanzania and shares a border with the Masai Mara Natural Reserve. The wildebeest inhabit the plains from December to May before migrating. Other herbivores found in abundance in the park are the zebra, impala, gazelle, hartebeest, waterbuck, buffalo and the topi, a particularly speedy antelope.
African lions, leopards, bush elephants, rhinoceroses and buffaloes—the Big Five—are also found in this park in abundance. Apart from these, cheetahs, two jackal species, honey badgers, striped hyenas and the African golden wolf can also be found in this park due to the abundance of prey like gazelles and zebra. One can also spot rare animals like aardvarks, pangolins, crested porcupine and hyraxes in this park. On a good day, you may even catch glimpses of secretary birds, Masai ostriches, yellow-billed storks, helmeted guineafowl, lesser flamingos, and oxpeckers here.
Apart from the Serengeti, one can also visit the Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire, Arusha and Ruaha National Parks, the Selous Game Reserve, and the Katave and Gombe National Parks, which are each home to hundreds of animal and bird species and are all very picturesque as well.
Ngorongo Crater
Nestled between the Serengeti and Lake Manyara, this conservation area is a prominent wildlife watching spot. It is a massive volcanic crater, which ensures perennial water supply, drawing several migratory animals and birds. It is the largest intact caldera—a depression formed after the exit of magma—and is over three million years old. One can also spot thousands of flamingos, hippos and wildebeest here, along with many more species of fauna.
Lake Victoria
Arguably the most famous of the African Great Lakes, Victoria was named after Queen Victoria by explorer and nature enthusiast, John Hanning Speke. It is the chief reservoir of the River Nile. It is located in Tanzania as well as the neighbouring Uganda, and also borders upon Kenya. It is second only to North America’s Lake Superior in size. It has more than 200 species of fish and other aquatic animals, and comprises of several archipelagos teeming with brilliant coral reefs. The tilapia, several varieties of colourful cichlids, and the huge Nile Perch are some of the important fish found here in abundance. Its waters are a clear, shimmering blue and it is ringed by several trees, making it an absolutely picturesque spot.
Mafia island
Divers and snorkelling enthusiasts the world over flock to the Mafia island, which is protected by the Mafia Island Marine Park. It is home to over 400 species of aquatic animals and dozens of beautiful birds. It is also a breeding spot for the green turtle, which is close to being extinct. It is also a popular destination for deep-sea fishing. Varies of fish, such as, tuna, marlin and sailfish can be found here.
Pemba island
The Pemba islands are at the northernmost tip of the Zanzibar archipelago. It is ringed by some desert islands and provides some of the best scuba diving opportunities on this side of the Indian Ocean with the Chake Chake city being a popular base. Visitors can snorkel for vivid coral gardens and spot colourful sponges. Since the island is hilly, it is also popular with mountain bikers and adventure seekers. The island is also frequented by practitioners of traditional medicine and voodoo therapists, and people from all over the world come to seek solutions and cures for various ailments.
The islands of Unguja, more popular globally as Zanzibar, are very popular among tourists. Its capital is Stone Town, a world heritage site. It is has many prominent historical and cultural sites. It is home to the Makusurani graveyard, a place where the bodies of erstwhile Arab rulers are buried. The House of Wonders, a four-storey building which was the first on the islands to be equipped with electricity, the Persian baths Hammani and Kidichi, and the Dunga ruins are important tourist spots.
Zanzibar is particularly famous for its coastal tourism and has numerous beaches on the Indian Ocean coastline. It also has many limestone and coral scarps, which provides opportunities for high-quality scuba diving and snorkelling. Dolphins, octopuses, sea lion, moray eels and lobsters comprise some of the aquatic life here. Tourists also have the option to go on dhow rides to explore the seas. Zanzibar is also well known for its spice tours as it is home to several coconut and spice plantations. The produce at these plantations are used to make medicines, cosmetics, and of course, food. One can find plantations of coconut, breadfruit, jackfruit, lime, banana, pepper, clove, vanilla, coriander, and nutmeg.
A very unusual tourist attraction is salt and seaweed farms, which can be visited by special request.
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In a nutshell, Tanzania is a country which is rich in natural beauty, history and wildlife, and is perfect for tourists seeking a combination of adrenaline and opportunities to unwind.