Our Experiences

Here is a list of experiences we can arrange for couples, corporates, families, solo travelers and various groups.

Bucket list holidays
Have a destination or a holiday bucket list? want to check off items from that bucket list? let us know and we can help you check it off.

The world is your oyster
Point anywhere in the map and we can customize trips and arrange holiday experiences for you to that anywhere.

Around the world in a few days
Planning an around the world holiday? we can help you do that!


  1. Easy, Medium and Extreme trekking in the Himalayas in the Indian sub-continent or any other mountain ranges in the world
  2. Fireflies’ treks in the Sahyadri mountain ranges
  3. Monsoon treks near your city
  4. Weekend overnight treks throughout the year that includes overnight camping or overnight in homestays or overnight in hotels in India
  5. Waterfall rappelling
  6. Rock climbing
  7. Skiing, Snowboarding holidays anywhere in the world (whether you want to learn or are looking at practicing your skills or just looking to ski or snowboard)
  8. Learn slacklining
  9. Tracking snow leopards in the Himalayas
  10. Learn how to canoe or kayak in the rapids in India or around the world

Destinations in India

  1. We arrange holidays anywhere in India


  1. River cruises in India and around the world
  2. River rafting holidays in India and around the world
  3. Kayaking in the river or the sea
  4. Learning how to kite surf
  5. Sailing experiences
  6. Water sports
  7. Sunset cruises
  8. Learning to surf
  9. Learning how to fish (Fishing) and cook and eat the fish you’ve caught
  10. Cliff jumping in quaint locations in India and around the world
  11. Exclusive monsoon vacations in India and around the world
  12. Visiting islands and island hopping around archipelagoes in India and around the world
  13. Exploring quaint and hidden water bodies in India and around the world
  14. Whale watching
  15. Dolphin safaris
  16. Scuba diving
  17. Snorkelling
  18. Deep sea diving

Road trips

  1. Camper van and RV holidays in India and around the world
  2. Want to do a road trip anywhere in the world? don’t have a car or have a car? we can arrange and book the itineraries for you
  3. Cycling holidays anywhere in India or around the world.
  4. Train rides around the world


  1. Learning poi
  2. Caving and spelunking
  3. Glamping getaways in offbeat and popular destinations in India and around the world
  4. Learning how to draw and paint
  5. Bungee jumping together
  6. Boat races
  7. Visiting UNESCO world heritage sights
  8. Getting tattooed together as a group
  9. Culinary experiences around the world
  10. Learning local art and craft retreats
  11. Learn different types of pottery
  12. Learning how to juggle with juggling balls, ride a unicycle, walk on stilts and other circus tricks
  13. Wine tasting holidays anywhere in the world
  14. Culinary holidays and learning how to cook a local dish anywhere in the world
  15. Lunch or dinner experience with a local family anywhere in the world
  16. Writers’ retreats
  17. Paragliding, Hot air ballooning experiences
  18. Learning art and art history, painting retreats along with museum visits in various destinations around the world
  19. Want to know how Picasso or Einstein or Van Gogh lived? Want to follow their journeys? we can help you follow you favorite famous person’s journey through our “in the footsteps of” itineraries
  20. Want to immerse yourself in the local life and culture of a destination. We can do this as well.

Social gatherings

  1. Birthday and anniversary celebrations with families at quaint offbeat or popular destinations around the world.
  2. Bachelors’ and Bachelorettes’ parties


  1. Exclusive holiday offsites and getaways for corporate senior management
  2. Experiential or Transformational Holidays for your co-workers around the world

For freelancers and entrepreneurs

  1. Planning your digital nomad holidays
  2. For all the co-workers, founders, entrepreneurs – hire a huge villa for 3n4d and just brainstorm on ideas and tell stories, eat, have fun, relax,

Wellness retreats

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Meditation
  3. Breathwork
  4. Nutrition
  5. Fitness boot camps
  6. Daily online morning meditation and breathwork sessions
  7. Wellness retreats in nature

Nature and wildlife

  1. Tracking silverback gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda
  2. Wildlife safaris anywhere in the world and in India
  3. Walking safaris in jungles around the world
  4. Walking holidays in forests
  5. Forest bathing
  6. Completely silent and digital detox day treks or walks (no talking, just listening)
  7. Birding
  8. Crocodile Dundee

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