Follow the crème de la crème

What if...?

They say, “A rolling stone gathers no moss”, but a wandering mind opens the gateway to self-discovery.

What if Picasso had been an A-student, quietly buckling down to study classical art as was the norm in those days?

Or if Einstein had not struggled against the rigid teaching methodology of his early school years in Munich?

What if Freya Stark, the fearless British traveler, had not defied norms and become one of the earliest Europeans to travel to Turkey and the Middle East?

And imagine what the world would be like if Marco Polo had given up is quest for new lands because of the harsh challenges he faced?

Paths of the Greats

Some of the greatest people of our times (and a few from much before) charted their own lives. They rejected the status quo and sought out their own answers to the questions of life and more. These are the people who gently rejected the norm and set out on a journey of their own. Experimenting, innovating, collaborating – they led exciting lives, and there are countless stories that celebrate these people who allowed their spark of curiosity to shine brighter.

Art, science, trade, travel and discovery … the list of people who meddled with conventions and made the world a fascinating place for us is quite unending.

And that Makes it Great for you

Because it allows you to go on a journey unlike any you have taken before. Prepare your mind to be blown away as you retrace the steps taken by these astounding individuals. Go back in time and see the world as they might have seen it; relive those moments; and imagine the excitement of their incredible breakthroughs.

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Yes, the holidays are still Instagrammable; you will get an opportunity to enjoy all the popular sights and you will go back with a bit of history tucked into your mind. Think of it less as a ‘travel to-do list’ but more of a journey into the unknown.

A wealth of insider information, curated itineraries, unexpected inspiration – it is all there, just waiting for you to discover as you make a journey in the footsteps of these legends.

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