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Experiential Travel

The whole idea behind being on a holiday is to chuck the alarm clock and let your body and mind dictate what they want to do. Make tentative plans, but be flexible about them. Don’t chase that particular selfie on the beach or run after the mountain pic.

Slow down and allow everything to happen naturally; live and breathe each moment thoroughly. Check out the local culture, study the history, enjoy the art and architecture, and savour the cuisines.

There is time for everything, and much more.

Where we go

We’ll take you on a trip of a lifetime, anyway you wish. Do you have a clear plan or do you just want to let the trip happen organically? We have a host of readymade plans that suit a variety of interests, budgets and destinations. Take your pick and allow us to put it all together for you.

Or, if you wish, you can tell us your idea of your vacation and we will once again pull out all the stops to ensure everything work seamlessly so you have a blast on your time off.

And then of course, if you are the kind of traveller who likes to be involved in each stage, we can put together an itinerary for you and you can go ahead and make your DIY trip happen at your pace.

Where we stay

Do you wish to live like the locals, or do you want to splurge on the best luxury that there is to enjoy? From cosy homestays to sprawling villas, and everything in between, we’ve got it all. Special deals and tie-ups with hotels across the four corners of India means wherever you go, we are ready and waiting to welcome you.

Allow the world to open up a little more, and you can be sure to expect the same comfort and convenience of booking your stay with us in every corner of the world.

What are you looking for

If you are looking to make the most of your quick and short holiday, and yet not follow the cookie-cutter pattern, there is no better place to begin than with us. A wealth of insider information, curated itineraries, unexpected inspiration – it is all there.

Immerse yourself in
Are you an eager traveller, excitedly seeking out all that a new place has to offer? Or do you prefer to have a more languid pace, with select itineraries and fewer destinations so you can savour the time spent there?

Challenge yourself against
When it comes to thrills and adventure, where do you draw the line? Do you even draw a line to begin with? The world is your playground and offers you numerous opportunities to exciting adventure. Where do you begin?

On the road with
Why limit yourself to journeying between cities when you can travel across nations. Explore new cultures, meet new people, discover new sights and understand the world like you never did before. Behind the wheel of your own car.

Around the world in
We are just one world with many people. Diverse backgrounds, and yet so similar. Check out the beauty of this world we call home by making just one journey around the world. Sounds impossible? Not with us.

Deeper connection with
Your wellness journey begins by embarking upon a voyage of self-discovery and healing. Recharge your mind and body, and set the balance right. Head out on a quest for wellness and discover a fountain of happiness and contentment within you.

In the footsteps of
Some of the greatest people of our times charted their own lives. Art, science, trade, travel and discovery … the list of people who made the world a fascinating place is quite unending. And you can retrace their lives.

Why book with us

The experience begins the minute you sign up with Buffyfish.

Travel and vacation are meant to be relaxing, but more often than not, we end up stressing over booking the best flights and hotels at the most competitive rates. Then there is the hassle of arranging the visa, which means tons of personal and financial documentation. Once that is done, there is the itinerary to be made, cabs to be booked and sim cards to be purchased. By the time you get to your holiday, you’re fatigued!

Allow Buffyfish Holidays to step in and remove your travel stress.

All you need to tell us is your travel dates and your places of interest, and leave the rest to us. We’ll plan the entire experiential vacation for you, your family and your friends. Walk in with your trip idea and walk out with end-to-end detailed itineraries, right from a car at your doorstep for pick-up to the drop back home, and everything in between. All you need to worry about is how you’ll spend your time with your loved ones while on the trip.

Kinship Week

Technology has been a boon during these trying covid times, but is it also lulling us into believing that we’re ‘in touch’ while actually not knowing what our loved ones are really up to? Kinship Week is our unique vacation concept that will help you shed the shackles around virtual communication and allow friends and family to get together and actually meet. We know how challenging it can be to plan a holiday for a large group. Just deciding on a destination and fixing the dates takes up all the time. How about going in for one of our Kinship Weeks? All you need to do is decide on taking five days off in the week. Slap on the two weekends on either side, and you have a nine-day trip on your hands. We have a whole range of tailor-made and curated kinship week itineraries. Pick one that suits your budget, destination and group plans.

What they say about us

Your travel stories are our travel stories. We help plan and execute them just as we would do with our own journeys. And the warm testimonials we’ve received are simply further encouragement for us to continue to achieve greater levels of customer satisfaction and joy.

About Vidula

Photo of the founder vidula andromeda

Vidula is an avid fellow traveller and till date she has visited 34 countries. Which is why she understands that travellers value comfort and quality the most. Instead of visiting crowded places with commercial interests, isn’t an untouched beach or an unexplored fort a better option? Rather than having a meal at expensive gourmet restaurants wouldn’t eating at local eateries be more delicious? But most travel portals don’t tell you about these places. After seriously considering these points, the model of Buffyfish emerged. To offer Experiential Travel to its customers.