About our Founder, Vidula

Vidula Andromeda, a curious student of life...

Vidula is an avid fellow traveler and till date she has visited 34 countries. Which is why she understands that girls value comfort and quality the most. Instead of visiting crowded places with commercial interests, isn’t an untouched beach or an unexplored fort a better option? Rather than having a meal at expensive gourmet restaurants, wouldn’t eating at local eateries be more delicious? But most travel portals don’t tell you about these places. After seriously considering these points, the model of Buffyfish emerged. To offer Experiential Travel to its customers.

Vidula has spent half her life in the mountains of the world. She lives to trek and has scaled some of the most picturesque ranges. Her love for the Himalayas can be easily discerned in the many treks she has planned and gone on herself. Walking the trails and living in some of the valleys of the Himalayas could be one of her fondest memories of these majestic mountains.

Her trekking journey began in 1991 when she went on her first trek, the Rajgarh-Torna trek. This is in the Sahyadri mountain ranges, located in the Western Ghats of India.

The trek bug bit her and she continued trekking in the Sahyadris for years after that. Her first Himalayan trek was the Gangotri-Tapovan trek. This 12 nights and 13 days trek upped her trekking skills even further. Other notable peaks in her trekking journey include the Kuaari Pass trek in 2009, Stok Kangri in 2011 (she couldn’t summit the peak but it was an incredible experience), and Everest Base Camp in 2012.

Her worldwide sojourns have led her to trek in Spain, Iceland, New Zealand, Slovakia, Chile and Peru.

Her one takeaway from the treks is how each of these journeys transformed her as an individual. The mountains grounded her, and she learned how to respect the mountain people and their cultures. Of course, she had to ensure that she stayed physically fit for all these treks. She strongly believes that there is no point in barely surviving the trek.