9 days to bond

What is Kinship Week?

Technology has been a boon, but is it also lulling us into believing that we’re ‘in touch’ while actually not knowing what our loved ones are really up to?

Kinship Week is our unique vacation concept that will help you shed the shackles around virtual communication and allow you and your families, or friends, or your loved ones or your co-workers, to get together and actually meet.

We know how challenging it can be to plan a holiday for a large group. Just deciding on a destination and fixing the dates takes up all the time. How about going in for one of our Kinship Weeks? All you need to do is decide on taking five days off in the week. Stitch the two weekends on either side, and you have a nine-day trip on your hands. We have a whole range of tailor-made and curated kinship week itineraries. Pick one that suits your budget, destination and group plans.