From the beginning until now

BuffyFish Holidays started as an experiential travel outfit back in 2012, when Vidula, the founder quit her 15-year secured job in the software industry. She had backpacked around the world and wanted to offer experiences and enriching activities to her guests in India and around the world.

In 2015, Vidula went from Mumbai to Kolkata, via Kanyakumari, along the coast, in a Mahindra 4WD Scorpio, on an epic drive across 8 states of India. She completed the drive that took her 28 days and a distance of approximately 6000kms. She interviewed one interesting woman from every state. The drive was called BuffyFish Coastal Diaries. Some of the interviews are in the archives of and on

In 2020, the pandemic changed the status quo of the tourism industry. Travel had come to a standstill. BuffyFish has now evolved to offer transformational travel through unique experiences, for their guests.

The future of travel is Transformational Travel. Travelers will set the intention behind their travels and answer the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ through the ‘what’ and the ‘where’. They will be more mindful of how the communities gain back from their travels. They will be more conscious travelers and would see the impact their travels have on the environment.