Values, Experiences and Community

Our Values

We don’t believe in simply ferrying people from one tourist trap to another. We are aware that women look upon travel differently, and so we plan and create a customised travel itinerary that is lightweight and fun. Over our years of traveling, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge but we are responsive and quick to jump up to address any query you or your gals may have.

Our Experiences

Our aim is to provide you authentic, immersive, and fulfilling experiences, while respecting the cultures that we interact with. Our curated travel itineraries are customised to your specific likes. If you wish, you can choose to go on a self-guided trip or you can take advantage of our expertise and allow us to plan every single detail for you.

Our Community

We are a growing global community of responsible travellers – Independent pleasure seeking women who understand the responsibilities of travel. We seek reverent travellers who respect local cultures and who immerse themselves in nature’s beauty to leave it better than they found it. Our community is a fusion of diverse but curious people, united by their desire to seek the joys the world has to offer. People who, when they seek the joys the world has to offer, appreciate that others travel similar paths and seek the same joys.