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Planning a Dubai trip on your own ? Buffyfish would be more than happy to plan the Dubai trip for you but if you want to do everything on your own, then here’s a travel guide for you.

Dubai is one of the most ravishing cities in the world. The city is located  in the United Arab Emirates, prominent for luxurious shopping, stupendous skyscraper-filled skyline, desert, amusement parks and a lot more. If you are taking a trip from pune or mumbai the airfare will cost you around 15,000 to 20,000 INR. depending upon the season you will be travelling in. as we all know Dubai lies directly within the Arabian Desert. So it is always humid there. The best season to visit Dubai is during winters. From the month of November to April, since there is a shopping festival in january and feb the tourist traffic is huge and that is what makes the city alive!

One should never visit dubai during summer, the reason being;

  1. It is way too hot 
  2. Most of the places are shut down due to Ramdan.


  1. BURJ KHALIFA– Witness the wondrous view over Dubai from the observation deck of the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Let your jaw hit the floor as you are elevated up 125 floors to fantastic 360-degree views over the Arabian Gulf.

The ticket per person would be almost 3,000 INR.

You will almost take an hour or two to explore this place.


If you are a marine life lover, Dubai Aquarium has to be on your watch list. The aquarium has different marine species including sharks and many more. So get ready to dive in the Blue world ( without actually dividing in).

You can have the combination of level 124 Burj Khalifa and Aquarium for around 4,500 INR.


Want to get away with the city lights ? Escape dubai and drive across the red wine desert in SUVs. Enjoy the beautiful sunset, camel rides and photoshoots in the desert. You can then head to the belly dancing performance and enjoy dinner while watching beautiful belly dancing while smoking shisha.

Best Desert safari dubai, will cost you around 2,500INR. It is worth every penny you pay!


This 2-3 hours yacht tour will make you feel like a king/queen that you are! Dubai is all about luxury so you cannot miss on this one. So, are you ready to get the red carpet treatment? We definitely are!

This tour will include welcome beverages, pastries, breakfast or bbq.

Tour cost- 4,000INR.


Visit the biggest mall in the world and all the luxurious brands will be waiting for you!


             Witness the biggest Photo frame on this planet! When you get on top of the frame you will get to see the two different sides of dubai. The old Dubai and the new one. They have come up with this beautiful idea of Dubai Frame to show to the folks the development of past Dubai, Present Dubai and Current Dubai. The tickets for Dubai Frame will cost you around 50AED. 


Atlantis the palm is the region’s most instagrammed hotel. It is a 5 star hotel resort located on an island. It has numerous world class experiences to offer to all age groups.


If Dubai mall was very heavy for your pockets, you can always visit “MEENA BAZAAR”. It is the best place to get electronics and clothes for cheaper prices. Dubai gold souk is a market where you can buy pure gold and you will get to see a lot of varieties. If you are looking for a place to buy gifts from, you can always visit the nearby hotels or shops nearby you hotel like “Seven Eleven” etc.

TRANSPORTATION-You can use taxis or Metros to travel to these places, they are not distant from one another so will not cost much. Metros will be relatively affordable.


  1. Al dawaar revolving restaurant.
  2. STAY
  3. Teatro
  4. 4.Pierchic

These restaurants will cost you around 200-400 AED i.e. 4,000-8,000 inr. ( Approx)


  1. Baker and spice
  2. Fibber Magee’s
  3. Last exit E11 food truck


Who said Dubai is all about luxuries ? There are so many cheap hotels in Dubai ! cheap hotels does not mean a compromise in quality though. Let me list down a few cheap hotels in Dubai which would cost you upto 3,500INR.

  1. Rema’s hotel apartments
  2. Florida square hotels
  3. Wave international hotel
  4. Royalton hotel
  5. Montreal naif hotel.

There are so many activities to do in dubai. If you want the Dubai tour packages at the best prices and in your budget, do not hesitate to contact us.

                   JEBEL ALI- keyword-

Planning the trip on your own? Save yourself from visiting the mainstream places, trust me there is more to UAEi than city lights and fancy rides. You can plan one day trips from dubai. One of the places you could visit is Jebel ali.

Jebel Ali is a port town 35 kilometers (22 mi) south-west of Dubai.Sandy Jebel Ali Beach is near the busy harbor. It is just 43KM from the main dubai city and should not take you more than 40 minutes to reach by drive. The best option for you to travel would be bus or metro which would cost you around 100INR to 200INR, whereas if you travel by taxi it would charge you around 1000-1500INR.

You will be astonished to see what jebel ali has to offer you ! The attractions are as follows

  1. Bollywood parks-  Indian or not, everyone loves bollywood. How can you miss the chance to immerse yourself in Mumbai’s famous bollywood scenes.I am already imagining myself in a dramatic attire posing in front of the aesthetic sets.The entry ticket to bollywood park is 175AED each i.e. 3,400INR.The There are three parks namely-
  2. Legoland Dubai – Legoland is a family  theme park. If you kids love rides and games, this is the place to go
  3. Motiongate Dubai- Motiongate Dubai is a Hollywood-inspired theme park located in Dubai Parks and Resorts.
  4. Bollywood park – Family-friendly theme park styled like a Bollywood set, with rides, stunt shows & performances.

I recommend giving motiongate one full day and probably Legoland & Bollywood park could be done in one day.


If you are not an adventure enthusiast and doing rides is not just your cup of tea then you can visit the Riverland.It is  Complex of stores & restaurants with architecture inspired by India, France & mid-century America.It is relatively easy to reach Riverland Dubai. This place is absolutely free and if you are looking for pocket friendly cafes and bistros, this is the place to go. as the trip is around 40 minutes from Downtown  and 45 minutes by car from Dubai International takes about 90 minutes via public transport to go to Riverland Dubai from Downtown Dubai. You need to take the red metro line to the UAE Exchange Station in Ibn Battuta Metro Station. 


If you are fond of spicy curries, you will find it at India gate in riverland. Enjoy the mouth-watering meals while you catch the traditional indian drummers beating the drums to the glory! 

  • Costa Coffee: An International handcrafted coffee house that also serves delicious salads, wraps, sandwiches and sweet treats.
  • Al Mashowa: A traditional Emirati seafood restaurant with recipes that come from the past.
  • Barbecue Delights: A casual dining restaurant that offers Pakistani, Afghani and North Indian cuisines.
  • Bol Gappa: An Indian fusion restaurant that offers lip-smacking street food in a Bollywood-themed ambience.
  • Haru Robatayaki: An authentic Japanese restaurant that specialises in the art of sushi, Teppanyaki, Robata and Sashimi.
  • Wok Chi: A Chinese street food joint where you can customise your wok-tossed noodles.
  • Shrimpy: A popular fast-food restaurant serving deep-fried golden shrimps cooked to perfection.


 Wish you had a time machine? Well, broadwalk will take you back to the 1950’s American era. Come take a walk to the north side of America. The golden palm trees and gorgeous sunset will make you feel like you are in california. This american- inspired zone is famous for people with sweet teeth as they serve varieties of ice cream and marshmallows.


 It is time to fly to Europe from America ( not literally). The french village is a replica of Europe’s cobbled streets. The towers and water wheel will draw you in, while street performances,outdoor dining. And meandering allways transport you to a whole different world. Enjoy the coffee shops, restaurants and what the village has to offer. 


The peninsula is the heart of the Riverland. Head to this place if you want to attend concerts, festivals  and outdoor events. It has the 19th century architectural theme which makes this place different and a must go to. Enjoy yourself at the restaurants and bars. 

Go paddle boarding at JA Jebel Ali Beach Hotel

Want to beat the Dubai heat? Get your swimsuits on and hey, first timers! Get ready to fall in the water a lot !Experience paddle boarding at Ja jebel ali beach hotel.Above mentioned are the best places you can visit in jebel ali.

                             ABU DHABI- keywords- abu dhabi tours, warner bros abu dhabi tickets offer,

Enjoying the stay in this Middle Eastern Metropolis? Well, There is a lot more to do and see. How we wish your vacation could go on forever ! but as all things come to an end, your vacation will end soon too. And we do not want you to miss out on anything. So here is a perfect abu dhabi tours plan for you.

 list of places you can visit in ABU DHABI.


Are you ready to get astonished by the astounding architecture? I did not find any word in the dictionary which would describe how beautiful this mosque is. So why don’t you witness yourself? 

And the cherry on the cake is- This place has no entry fee.

The women entering the mosque should be fully covered and have to wear the traditional attire provided at the entrance.


If you go to Abu dhabi from Dubai by car, it will take you around 2 hours to reach. And if you go by metro, you will reach in 1 hour 30 minutes and it will cost you 2AED i.e 38INR. 


Yas Island is an island in the United Arab Emirates, if you are looking for entertainment and adventures, this is the best place to go.

Top things to do in Yas Island –

  • Ferrari world –  World’s fastest theme park! Roller coaster lovers, buckle up! Are you ready to shift the first gear directly to the 5th? I surely am! Enjoy the world’s fastest rides at this park and you can also see all the ferraris there.
  • Yas waterworld – Are you a water baby? If yes, then Yas waterworld is all ready to welcome you to their waterworld. Many water rides are waiting for you, get the swimsuit on.
  • Warner Bros world.- Spot Everyone From Batman To Bugs Bunny, Superman To Scooby-Doo Amongst 29 Thrilling Rides. Choose From Wide Range Of Attractions, Shows & City Tours. 

You will get a combo of all these three parks just for 300AED. Warner Bros ticket offers are not only for kids but also for adults, as the offers keep changing I cannot tell you the perfect price, you can always visit their website for exciting warner bros abu dhabi ticket offers.


Abu Dhabi is known for its glitz and glamour, and you just have to experience some of it on a trip to the emirate. Don’t miss the Emirates Palace hotel, which made an appearance in the film Sex and the City 2.

Abu Dhabi is so much more than just a stopover. There’s plenty to see and do, but you can experience the fabulous sights, dining experiences and thrilling activities in a short space of time. For more Abu Dhabi sightseeing inspiration, browse our bus routes and maps.

                                         SHARJAH- keywords- cheap hotels in sharjah.

While Dubai is all about flashy lights and luxurious life, it’s neighbouring sharjah is a centre of culture. If you are a museum lover or you enjoy staying low-key (away from parties) Sharjah is the best place to go. It is a 40 minutes drive from Dubai and if you take the metro, it will cost you around 2AED. As every great thing comes with a price, Sharjah comes with a price too. Since The Emirates is “DRY” meaning no alcohol available. So if you are ready to spend a day or two without you beer and just spend your time loving the art, music and culture, you are good to go.


  • Sharjah art museum-  If you love history, then this museum is a treat for you ! downstairs, two galleries present rotating temporary exhibits of international calibre. Upstairs, the permanent collection offers a comprehensive survey of art created in the Arab world from the late 19th century onward.
  • Mleiha Archaeological site-  This place will tell you more about UAE’s History.
  • Sharjah fort-  well-presented exhibits on Sharjah’s ruling Qasimi family and the history of the building itself.
  • Mleiha desert camp- Ever dreamt of falling asleep while stargazing ? If so, be ready for this amazing experience at Mleiha desert camp.




  1. Crystal plaza hotel
  2. Citymax sharjah hotel
  3. Aldar hotel
  4. Nejoum al emerate

Umm Al QuwainUmm al-Quwain is one of the United Arab Emirates. Umm al-Quwain city lies on the Arabian Gulf.

Things to do in Umm Al Quwain –

  • Dreamland Aqua park
  • UAQ National museum
  • Tell Abraq
  • Bassata Village

This place is 80KM far from Dubai. 


  • Gulf Sea Restaurant
  • Al Ayaam Restaurant & Grilling
  • Wadi Al Neel Restaurant


If you want to have a low-key weekend with your friends and family, this city is best for you.


Explore the unexplored ! Travelling is not all about going to famous places, clicking selfies which are instagram worthy and partying till you see the sunrise but it is also about exploring the unexplored , meeting new people, visiting the places you had never heard off and just being yourself. 

Khor fakkan is a town on the Gulf of oman. The following are the things to do/see in Khor fakkan.


The Khor Fakkan Beach is one of the most astounding beaches in the UAE. It is no less than a private beach. You can do water sports here, swim in the sea or just stroll around or sleep like a lobster all day long! 


This breathtaking dam is of Sharjah, United arab Emirates. It is a cost effective place to visit with your friends and family. They have clean washrooms, gift shops, grocery shops and many more facilities. 


 The best view comes after the hardest climb. the narrow road leads to life!  Hiking lovers, here’s a treat for you. Hike this tower and see the beautiful view from the top. 


You can visit this park with friends and family and your kids and just relax in the greenery.


From hiking to biking, there’s much to explore in Hatta. Craggy mountain peaks, crisp air and an untamed environment make the mountain enclave of Hatta the ideal spot for mountain bikers, adventurers and nature-lovers. There’s much more to do in Hatta  just over an hour away from central Dubai.  

Things to do in HATTA-

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Hatta dam 
  • Kayaking
  • Hatta heritage village


Almost one and a half hours drive from Dubai and 3 hours by bus. Bus ticket is AED 2. 


Ajman is the capital of the emirate of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates, located along the Persian Gulf. It is the smallest emirate in the UAE.


  • Ajman museum-  History lovers pay a visit to this museum and learn about their history and culture.
  • Wasit wetland centre-  Wasit Wetland Centre is a conservation area in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
  • Al zorah Natural Reserve- Al Zorah Nature Reserve is a vibrant ecosystem made up of mangroves, turquoise lagoons and sandy beaches
  • Aqua bounce Ajman- Days by the beach won’t ever be the same again with Ajman’s first ever floating water park! Bring your friends and family down for a day of fun, laughter and good times at the latest water-play attraction.
  • Ajman Marina- Strolling along the palm-lined promenade of the new marina district, breathing in the salty sea air, is a highlight of any visit to Ajman.


Wadi Adventure is the first white water rafting, kayaking, surfing, and wakeboarding facility in the Middle East, located at the base of the 1,240m Jebel Hafeet mountain in Al Ain. So if you are looking forward to spending a day full of water adventures, this place is for you. If you book the tickets online, it will cost you around 65AED. 

The best way to reach Wadi Adventure Al Ain is to commute by car. If you don’t own a car, you could either take a taxi or summon a ride-hailing service that operates in the region. For greater convenience and if your budget allows, you can even rent a car for the whole day. If you are driving from Dubai, the journey could take you around 90 minutes via Dubai – Al Ain Rd/E66. Wadi Adventure is 72 minutes from New Wathba South, Abu Dhabi. In case you’re a tourist in Al Ain, look into the numerous Wadi Adventure deals and packages offered by local travel groups and hotels. This will save you the hassle of buying tickets or confirming the availability of activities.


All the history and nature lovers, UAE has so many treats for you in the store. AL Ain is one of them. Al Ain is an inland oasis city on the eastern border with Oman. It’s known as the Garden City for its palm groves and natural springs. If you want to spend a day away from Dubai, then this is the right place for you.  So let us look at things to do or places to visit in Al ain. 


Jabal Hafeet is a mountain in the region of Tawam, on the border of the United Arab Emirates and Oman, which may be considered an outlier of Al Hajar Mountains in Eastern Arabia. 


Al ain zoo offers are back ! al ain zoo + world deserts + SZDLC child from 3-12 years. Entry free for children below 3. Get this amazing combo at just 31.50 AED. and 10.50 AED for child. Please check their website for exclusive al ain zoo offers.

 Al Ain’s remarkable zoo is the region’s largest and most acclaimed. The spacious enclosures are inhabited by indigenous and exotic species such as the Arabian Oryx, the big-horned Barbary sheep, rhinos, hippos, tigers and lions and more. The well-respected conservation and breeding program protects and preserves the rare fauna from extinction.

Lots of animals are eager to meet you! Hurry. 

  •       AL AIN OASIS

Al-Ain Oasis is the largest oasis in the city of Al Ain, within the Eastern Region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates.  The shady, cool walks transport you from the noise and heat of the city to a tranquil quiet haven. Just listen to the birdsong and the rustle of the palm fronds.

With a 3,000-year-old falaj irrigation system, Al Ain Oasis features a series of mesmerising water channels. It is located  in Al Ain – south-east of Abu Dhabi – 1.30h drive from the capital. Cherry on the cake is that this place is absolutely free. So what are you waiting for ? rush to green oasis in the desert and take a walk with your loved one. 


Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum, also known as “Al Ain Palace Museum”, is a museum in the city of Al Ain, within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Did I not mention a treat for history lovers ? What can be better than a place turned into a museum ? This museum will tell you about Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and how simply the ruler family lived there once upon a time. And hey, what can be better than an aesthetic palace background for instagram ?


  1. City seasons hotel al ain
  2. Al massa hotel 1
  3. Al massa hotel
  4. Aloft al ain

Above mentioned cheap hotels in al ain not only offer you rooms at affordable prices but also give you astounding ambience. You can always search for more hotels online. 


                     If you are looking forward to having a luxurious stay at al ain, then you are more than welcome to resorts in al ain. Let me list down a few famous resorts for you.

  1. Afsar resort al ain
  2. Danat al ain resort
  3. Al ain rotana 
  4. Afsar resorts al ain.

I am sure you will fall in love with the place and extend your day trip for a couple of days more.


cheap hotel booking in fujairah cheap resorts in fujairah resorts in fujairah with private pool

Fujairah is an emirate on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates, lying along the Gulf of Oman. It’s known for its beaches and the Hajar Mountains, which run through much of the emirate. In the south, the city of Fujairah is home to the massive Sheikh Zayed Mosque, with its towering white minarets.

Places to visit in al fujairah –


About 35 kilometers north of Fujairah city, the mud-brick Al-Bidyah Mosque is the oldest in the United Arab Emirates and was named after the town that once surrounded it. 

  • FUJAIRAH FORT- if you are a castle and fort lover like me, you need not visit Scotland for it. Al fujairah has it all for you ! from beautiful castles to historic forts. Fujairah Fort is a fort in the city of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. Dating back to the 16th century, it is the among the oldest as well as the largest castles in the country. 
  • AL AQAH BEACH-  Al aquah beach is surrounded by resorts with private pools. You can just sit back and enjoy the beach !

  • Sheikh zayed mosque- 

Fujairah’s modern Sheikh Zayed Mosque covers a site the size of three football pitches and boasts six minarets 100 meters high. The mammoth prayer hall has space for 32,000 worshipers. Unfortunately, the interior of the mosque is not open to non-Muslims for sightseeing, but you can take photos of the exterior of the mosque.


Hotel offers in Fujairah are always so pocket friendly !cheap hotel booking in fujairah is so easy and you get a number of hotels at cheap rates. let me list down a few hotels for you


Book your hotel now to avail amazing discount offers!


While there are many resorts with private pools in Fujairah, you will be confused to pick just one. Here is the list of resorts in fujairah

  1. Sandy beach resorts in fujairah 
  2. Fujairah rotana resort
  3. Le meridien al aquah beach resort
  4. Blue diamond al asam resort- ( this resort is with private pool)

Al Hajar Mountains-

Al-Hajar Mountains in northeastern Oman and also the eastern United Arab Emirates are the highest mountain range in the eastern Arabian peninsula. Also known as “Oman Mountains”, they separate the low coastal plain of Oman from the high desert plateau. 


Take a green line metro from Al Ras and get down at Baniyas Square. The hajar mountains are 500 metres from this point. You can walk your way up to Hajar mountains. You can also take an Uber.


Mileiha, also Mleiha or Malaiha, is a town in the Emirate of Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates with a population of 4,768, located some 2 km south of the inland Sharjah town of Dhaid.

 Things to do in mleiha- 

  • Visit Bronze Age tombs and pre-Islamic forts.
  • See the wealth of historical artefacts at Mleiha Archaeological Centre.
  • Trek to Camel Rock.
  • Go desert cycling, paragliding or enjoy dune buggy rides.
  • Take advantage of a selection of guided local tours.


Lahbab is a village in the Emirate of Dubai, about 50 km south of Dubai city. It is situated on the highway between Dubai and the border of the Emirate of Sharjah. 

The Lahbab desert dubai is worth every penny you spend ! enjoy the breath-taking, adventurous ride and enjoy the bbq at the desert


If you need to relax in peace and do nothing but admire the beauty of nature, then this is the place for you. You can visit beautiful mountains and lakes here. One can go boating, snorkeling and many more !  

This is all about UAE! Hope this article was helpful enough for you to plan a trip 🙂 if you need any assistance in planning the trip, do not hesitate to contact us.