Maithili in Ladakh

Every traveler has a different story of Ladakh! Every traveler has a vision that is different from others, when he/she is in Ladakh. Ladakh, the most enchanting destination in India for world & Indian travelers was on my list for a long time.

One keeps wondering what’s so different about this beautiful place and why it’s called the Pride of India! Well there are many stories to it, but what’s so different about this place is the amazing culture, people and the most diverse and the most beautiful landscape it has to offer. Pictures and words, my only tools to capture the overwhelming physical and emotional experience of driving through one of the most awe-inspiring places on earth, Leh- Ladakh. The land of soaring Himalayan peaks and swirling, mighty rivers, serene Gompas and the occasional tinkle of a bell from a yak, Ladakh is a land, which beckons you to visit again and again.

It was a mere coincidence how Vidula (BuffyFish) and me got in touch, both unaware that we were from Pune. It was an instant connect. Vidula herself an avid traveler shared her views, experiences with us. She gave immediate feedback whenever asked and asked for our feedback the end of each day to improvise her itinerary.

BuffyFish was then just one expedition old, that was an all women self-driven tour from South to the North of India. I couldn’t be a part of it but I had heard great reviews about it.

BuffyFish’s itinerary was packed with action from dusk to dawn, yet laughter, gossip, constructive discussions, reviews and ideas found its way to our routine anyways. It was a perfect group of three, full of energy and positive attitude.

My sole interest was to do a trip totally with unknown people, get to know new people, connect. Buffy Fish made this a experience totally as I wished.

Testimonial Vidula really??!!! Hmmmm….

Here it goes

Miss the snowfall slicking the high passes and clouds so low. I close my eyes as if I am on a fatal edge.

Miss the sound of screechy car brakes on those z hairpin bends across granular pointy mountain erosion

Miss the apparently tiny bikers on those hairpin bends their size mapping the magnitude of the mighty Himalayas

Miss the lens’ desperate chase of golden light painting the fossil like architecture of Leh palace.

Miss the soupy thukpa, cheesy sabagleb of Tibetan kitchen from our warm home stay vacillating in the chill of warm sun and the warmth of cool wind.

Miss the hilltop perched monasteries with colorful prayer flags, wheels with whitewashed sequence of stupas and struggling to reach the top.

Miss those endless drives in infinite ravines with so many shades of brown even Nerolac needs a update on shade cards.

Miss that first sight of a glint of turquoise Tso Mo Riri when horizon only knew white and brown, of course Vidula’s crash course in peddling stones and counting the ripples on water it made and sitting by the lake at sun set listening talented Vidula’s BLUES.

Miss the child like excitement we experienced at our stop by the Magnetic Hill!

Miss the our 30 minute stay at one of the worlds highest motorable road, hot tea at the military tapri, eased it all for us.

Miss the innocent faces of the nomadic children and bribing them with candies for a picture or two.

Miss those dark nights with clear skies in valleys clutched amidst snow capped ridges and the windy night in the tents.

Miss the sand dunes of Nubra with layers of mountain trying in vain to capture all dimensions that eyes can possibly see.

Miss the foot tapping Ladakhi dance, Bactrian camel rides and those metered discussions in oxygen deprived brains.

Not to forgot… Miss the happy faces of our army men all tucked up in a small truck ..waving their heart out to us… we owe them our happiness today and always!

Yes..there were certain things we missed out on like – Sangam Rafting, Turtuk village visit and chance to live a Nomads or a Monk’s life for or a day or more.

And may be a visit to Kargil.

Vidula do include these in your itinerary for sure.

Thanks to BuffyFish for these wonderfully planned, comfortable, value for your money trip which I totally recommend.

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