Mihir and Family at Chiveli

Thank you so much for making our holiday a memorable one.

We had a great time at Siddhivinayak Farms (Konkan Safari) at Chiveli village near Chiplun.

The place being completely in the lap of nature helped us rejuvenate and connect and helped us to unwind. The resort was on top of a hill which made the journey very exciting.

The accommodation, which was a farmhouse on the hill, was surrounded by lush green mango and cashew nut trees and bushes, a small swimming pool, and a stunning view of the valley and backwaters of the river close by. The rooms were clean, the service was fine and the food was delicious. The hosts were warm and helpful.

Chiveli village had a very pleasant, welcoming atmosphere and beautiful visuals. It is untouched by urban life.

The boat ride on the back waters was the most refreshing thing there. We also visited few houses and the village and chatted with them. It was great to interact with them and learn more about their lives. We rarely do this in the city.

We also saw some mango picking which was a unique event for us. There are a couple of beautiful temples nearby. The entire area is filled with colorful flora and fauna.

I’d definitely recommend coming here with a large group of friends or family, a stay at the farmhouse and go on long walks or treks in the village.

Also Guhagar beach is half an hour drive away.

All in all, a great different and memorable experience.

Thank you for introducing us to the village and the farmhouse! We intend to visit it again in the rains!

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